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KLIKBoks HUB Wireless Collaboration, Video Conferencing, & Media Management System

Wireless Collaboration System with Videoconferencing, Split-screen Display, On-Screen Annotation, Recording & Live Streaming
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Product Details

KLIK Boks HUB Wireless Collaboration System

KLIK Boks HUB delivers an exceptional, 4K wireless screen sharing experience to users, while simplifying installation, configuration and maintenance for system designers, installers and maintenance staff. HUB supports multiple, simultaneous user screen shares, for a more collaborative approach to information sharing. Plus, with its dual-network design, guests can take part, without compromising network security, or demanding complex network reconfiguration. This truly is the HUB of every meeting or classroom.

Key Features

BYOM, Screen-sharing, Conferencing, Live Streaming, Multicasting, Media management System

  • Connect to the Room Camera & Audio System Wirelessly
  • Supports all Video Platforms (Zoom, Teams, Meet, WebEx, etc.)
  • KLIKLive (Live Stream) feature allows streaming presentation to YouTube, Facebook Live, and more
  • Displays up to 4 simultaneous HD streams from any combination of devices
  • Complete session control with the Daisy on-screen control panel
  • Optimized for touch displays, but works with any HD display
  • Supports all client platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & Chrome OS
  • Built-in, multi-user Annotation & Whiteboard feature
  • On-screen preview of users’ screens in thumbnail
  • Dual, Wi-Fi and Ethernet network connectivity with secure Guest Access
  • HDMI input, for integration of document cameras, whiteboards and other sources
  • Recording capability to save all presentation content to USB or SD card
  • KLIKStream feature allows users to view the presentation on their own screen
  • HID back-channel, allows control of presenting PC from a shared remote or Touch Display
  • Moderator mode allows one person to control screen access
  • Multi-state screen password feature, restricts access to those in the room

HUB Supports 4 HD Streams at a Time

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