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Use the On Screen Display to set up KLIKStik, KLIKBoks PLUS & KLIKBoks PRO Wireless Presentation Systems

For Advanced Users

KLIK Boks PLUS, PRO & KLIK Stik, all have an on-screen display (OSD) where most settings may be accessed for initial setup.


Access the OSD from any device, through a browser.

Want another setup option? Click here.


Use KLIK's OSD Menu to Change Settings

Let's Get Started

(Requires device with Wi-Fi & Browser)

Setting up PLUS or PRO?

Otherwise Follow the Steps Below:

Step 1

Connect the KLIK to a display and power. See the Welcome screen.


Step 2

Open the Wi-Fi settings on your device and connect to the KLIK.

The name is displayed on the screen.


Step 3

Open your browser and go to the address shown on the KLIK screen (


Step 4

Log in to the KLIK using the default password (admin).


Step 5

Go to the Configuration page and tap on (2) the settings icon.

(3) Back

(4) Navigation

(5) Enter


PLUS & PRO Start Here

Point the supplied remote at the KLIK and press the Settings button.


Step 6

Use the Navigation controls to move between menu items and the Enter control to accept selections.


Questions, issues, need help?

Go to the KLIKWizard support page now.

Step 7

Use (3) the Back button to exit the OSD setup screen. That's it!


Having trouble with KLIKWizard?

Try another setup method here.

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