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KLIK connects Android with Knkt 2.0

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

On the heels of the company's launch of Version 2.0 firmware, comes a whole new app for connecting Android devices to the KLIK Boks wireless presentation system. KLIK Knkt for Android V2 brings all Android devices into the KLIK eco-system with the same features and functionality found in the desktop apps.

Yes, Knkt for Android supports full screen mirroring, only now it's not restricted only to devices that natively support casting. The all-new Knkt app adds streaming capability to devices that have built-in casting support, making it accessible to thousands of different models of smartphone and tablet.

Knkt for Android adds password-protected connection management to Android for the first time, meaning that KLIK owners can choose to allow either open or secure access. Small offices may prefer the "no-app" open approach while enterprise and education will opt for the more secure password-protected scheme. Android devices are now also included in the KLIK Conference Mode so that one administrator can control who presents, and when.

Once launched, the app resides unobtrusively in the Android control tray where it is readily accessible to users. An intuitive Play/Stop initiates and ends streaming while a second control terminates the app and the connection session. Simplicity in use was a major design goal for the Knkt app and KLIK Knkt for Android V2 delivers on that goal.

As with all Knkt apps, KLIK Knkt for Android V2 is available for free, from the Google Play store. The company's KLIK Mirror app is still available for users who prefer the open connection method, without password authentication. KLIK Mirror can be used on devices that already support casting, while those that do not support the feature can opt for the new Knkt app.

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