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Top 5 Tips to Deliver a Presentation Efficiently

Delivering a presentation, or public speaking, in general, requires extensive research, planning, the presence of mind, creativity, patience, enthusiasm, practice, and most importantly, confidence. The first thing that you need to realize is that essentially, a presentation is, in fact, a performance in a professional setting. You need to work creatively towards garnering their interest on the topic of your presentation, else it would be a failed exercise.

A room full of young students needs to be reached with a completely different content than what you would approach a room of industry experts with. Oftentimes, orators tend to stick to a script without considering a quick audience analysis. You need to know your audience beforehand to be able to condition your content in such a way that it causes maximum impact.

This infographic from Malcolm Andrews is the perfect resource for any budding public speaker who wants to refine his presentation skills. Read on to grasp the full implications of your existing methods of delivering a presentation in front of a live audience. Enjoy.


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