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The KLIK Story

Wireless Collaboration, with just one KLIK!


At KLIK we believe there’s always a better way. A way that’s easier, more effective and ultimately more affordable. And that applies to the way people teach, learn, collaborate and exchange ideas. We’re obsessively passionate about that, and it is our mission to help people achieve it. We’re focused on collaboration technology. It’s a sprawling field and means a lot of things to a lot of people. To us it means using technology to facilitate better communication between people.


The Beginning

KLIK was founded by Costa Lakoumentas in 2015. A veteran of the electronics industry, Costa headed up product, marketing and sales for a global music tech brand, where the bulk of his time was spent either making presentations or sitting through them. Witnessing first-hand the struggles of getting connected to a TV, followed by delays and frustration, he set out to solve the problem.

“I started KLIK knowing two important things; everybody was experiencing the same frustration, and there had to be a solution.” – Costa Lakoumentas, Founder & CEO


Born in Redmond, WA

Bringing a product to market is a lot more complicated than merely having a good idea. It takes talent and perseverance from a whole cast of people to ideate, design, engineer, manufacture and distribute. From its base in the Eastside Seattle “tech corridor” KLIK had direct access to some of the brightest minds in engineering, and from Costa’s extensive experience in overseas manufacturing, the company had early access to the best partners in Asia.


Innovation & Iteration

“To be honest, we only ever envisioned one product, and we called it the KLIK Boks” recalls Costa. But as the concept of wireless screen sharing caught on in education and business, the company soon expanded to release the PLUS and PRO models, followed by the KLIKStik in 2017. With each iteration the products gained features driven in large part from customer feedback and real uses cases.


Dare to Pivot


The global pandemic changed everything in 2020, when schools, businesses, conferences, trade shows, and even houses of worship all went virtual. The very reason for KLIK’s existence—meetings and collaboration—went online, negating the need for wireless presentation products. That’s when KLIK made the pivot to making tools that supported remote learning and working, while retaining the very features that made their products popular to start with.

Always Pushing the Envelope

This innovation mindset is what led to the KLIKBoks HUB, the latest and most powerful tool of its type. Combining both in-person wireless screen sharing with remote users over video conferencing suddenly blurred the lines between being in the office (or classroom) and working from home. HUB is the only solution that also supports streaming content simultaneously, opening new opportunities and allowing a greater diffusion of knowledge worldwide.

“We’re always working on the next thing because if we don’t obsolete our own products, someone else will.”


Technology, Usability & Simplicity.

KLIK's mission is creating tools that enable people to collaborate, inform and communicate with others as easily and seamlessly as possible.

KLIK is your wireless presentation and collaboration partner.

Our Goal: Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime!

It used to be that presentations were simple. Connect your PC to the screen using a cable, launch your presentation software and go. But in a world dominated by mobile devices, always-on wireless connectivity and BYOD, things have become complicated. People turn up for a meeting with only their smartphone, then expect to participate as if they had a PC in tow. 


KLIK develops technologies and products that integrate perfectly with today's dynamic meeting, collaboration and educational facility needs. Our products allow users to share the contents of their devices with a big screen, while meeting attendees can view the presentation right on their own device. We make wireless collaboration systems that are Powerful, Adaptable, and Affordable, to help you get the most from your meetings and presentations.

KLIK is the wireless presentation system manufacturer that's based in the United States of America, proudly building the next generation of collaboration solutions, right here in Seattle.

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KLIKBoks Inc.

1207 N Landing Way #1182

Renton, WA 98057

KLIK is a Proud Member of the Seattle-area Tech Community

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