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Wireless Screen Sharing Apps from KLIK

Get more out of KLIK with KLIKConnect apps

Download our FREE apps to get the most out of your KLIK Boks!

KLIK Knkt Software for Mac OS
KLIK Knkt Software for Windows
KLIK Mirror Software for Android
KLIK Mirror Software for Android
KLIK Knkt Software for iOS

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Only KLIK Boks Lets You Choose How Users Connect
Using the KLIKConnect App:
Wi-Fi Select Connected.JPG

Install the KLIKConnect app for your device and enjoy enhanced security, connectivity and usability:

  • Connect by IP address on restricted networks

  • Manage meetings with Moderator Mode

  • Restrict access with a Password

Without an App

KLIK supports streaming from major device platforms using a variety of protocols, for app-free use:

  • Windows "Project my Screen" mirroring support

  • Android "Cast" screen mirroring support

  • Mac & iOS "AirPlay" screen mirroring support

  • Chrome OS using the KLIK browser extension for Chrome

KLIKConnect 3.0

Simple & Intuitive


KLIK's app makes sharing your screen easy.

Just press Play!

Connection instructions are right on the screen!


Facilitate Meetings with Conference Mode


Easily manage connections for all of your presenters, with exclusive screen preview functionality. 


See who's connected and ready to present, right on the big screen. 

KLIK Boks PLUS & PRO users can select presenters with the REMOTE.

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