Using Android Devices with KLIK Wireless Presentation Systems

Screen Mirroring options for Android

Faster Access to Android Screen Sharing with the KLIK Mirror App

Using the KLIK Mirror App 

Android includes Miracast as its native screen sharing utility, which is supported by KLIK. The KLIK Mirror app acts a shortcut tool to the native streaming utility.

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Select Cast* from Settings Menu


Enable Miracast if not yet On


Select the KLIK to stream to


Miracast is now Connecting


Connected and Mirroring

Android includes Miracast as its native screen sharing utility, which is supported by KLIK. Follow the steps shown to start streaming to KLIK using the built-in utility. Note that the screen sharing utility name varies by hardware manufacturer but may be called 'Cast'. For further information, consult your manufacturer's user manual.

Need More Control? Install the KLIK Knkt App for Android

Using the KLIK Knkt App 

Install the free KLIK Knkt app on Android if you want full screen mirroring with the benefit of Password-restricted screen access. KLIK Knkt allows Android devices to also be used when KLIK is in Moderator Mode.

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Knkt allows Android devices to operate in Moderated Mode 

Compatible Android Devices: 

Android users have three options for full-screen mirroring from Android devices. First, KLIK supports Miracast, that's already built in to Android. Second, we offer KLIKMirror, a shortcut app that makes it easy to start a Miracast session, and finally, we offer the KLIKConnect app. Choose the method that best meets your needs from the table and learn more by following the links. 

Using Android Devices with KLIK 

Compare the Features and Capabilities of All Android Connection Methods

Using Android with KLIK 

Android Hardware Miracast Compatibility

Many Android devices running 4.2 or later software can share their screen to KLIK without using an app. Simply use the Android "Cast" function to select the KLIK Boks and start mirroring your screen. To see if your device is compatible, check this list of devices:

Since "casting" is enabled differently among brands and models of Android device, consult with your device manual for details. You may also install the KLIK Mirror for Android app that will give you one-click access to the "casting" function of your compatible Android device.


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