Using Windows PCs with KLIK Wireless Presentation Systems

Screen Mirroring options for Windows

Two-step Streaming from Windows, without an app.

Press the Windows key + K

Select the KLIK from the side panel





Windows 8.1+ supports wireless screen sharing to KLIK using Miracast. Simply start the CONNECT function by pressing the Windows key and the K. The CONNECT panel opens, allowing you to select the desired KLIK from the list. Once connected, you can change the projection mode for extended desktop or mirrored operation. It's that simple.

Or, Install the KLIKConnect app for Windows and get more features.

KLIKConnect for Windows
The KLIKConnect app for Windows adds a host of features beyond the native screen-sharing supported by Windows. A free download, KLIKConnect delivers Device Discovery, Connection Management, Moderator Mode, FileShare Document Sharing, KLIKStream Remote Viewing and a full-featured Annotation app.
Integrated Discovery Panel
Launch the KLIKConnect app for Windows and the integrated Discovery Panel makes it easy to find and connect with the KLIK, by name. By integrating the Wi-Fi selection tool, now it's easier than ever to connect.
KLIKConnect Player
The KLIKConnect Player allows fast and easy start/stop control over streaming sessions, and even allows you to "pause" your stream without ending the connection. Plus, it offers direct-access links to other important features, including KLIKStream and FileShare.
Direct Access to User Settings
KLIKConnect for Windows is ready to go on launch, requiring no user setup. But it also provides access to user settings that allow every user to work the way they want to. Select Mirror mode, or Extended desktop, choose Remote Mouse state, and much more with the integrated settings menu.
KLIKStream Remote Presentation Viewing
With KLIKConnect, your presentation is live on the network, allowing colleagues to view it right on their own device. Just click on the KLIKStream button and view the presentation inside a browser window. Plus, viewers can capture screen images, doing away with tedious note-taking and remaining focused on the content.
Moderator Mode for Managed Meetings
KLIKConnect allows for more focused meetings by placing control of the system in the moderator's hands. As the moderator you can preview the screens of presenters before their content goes live, ensuring that the right content is ready to go. Smoother transitions between presenters means less time wasted and better collaboration outcomes.
FileShare Utility for Seamless Sharing
KLIKConnect not only supports more efficient screen-sharing, it also allows any user to share files, instantly. Simply drag and drop the files into the FileShare interface, select one, multiple or all users, and start sharing. Users can download the files right from the KLIKConnect app, without messy uploads or complicated cloud connections.
KLIK Annotation & Whiteboard app
Every KLIKConnect user has access to the fully-featured Annotation & Whiteboard app, for more interactive communication. Launch the app to draw freehand, or with geometric shapes, right over the displayed content. You can change colors, line thickness, and even type, erase and highlight. Click to save your markups and share them with your team using the FileShare app.
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