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Securely share any content, from any device, to any screen with KLIK.

Share from your device to the big screen instantly with KLIK, even without installing an app! KLIK offers AirPlay & Google Cast compatibility, optional KLIKLink plug-and-play adapters, and the unified KLIKConnect app for the ultimate in features, performance and ease-of-use.

KLIK delivers universal content sharing with screen mirroring from AirPlay & Google Cast technologies.

Instant wireless content sharing, even without installing an app.

Share from your device to the big screen instantly with KLIK, even without installing an app! KLIK offers AirPlay & Google Cast compatibility, optional KLIKLink plug-and-play adapters, and the unified KLIKConnect app for the ultimate in features, performance and ease-of-use.

 Key Content Sharing Features
  • Quad, split-screen display supports up to 4 users at one time.

  • Full-UHD 4K Display can support 4 1080p shares at a time.

  • Supports AirPlay, allowing Mac and iOS users to mirror their screens without installing an app.

  • Mirror the entire screen, or select browser tabs from any device running the Chrome Browser.

  • Combine content from any mix of devices and platforms, including live video, onto the split screen display.

  • Maximize any content pane for a closer look, then return to the split-screen view.

  • Preview user content before pushing to the screen with Moderator Mode.

For truly inclusive content sharing across all device types.
Quad, Split-Screen Content Sharing in 4K UHD.

Enhanced security, moderation tools, and powerful collaboration features with the KLIKConnect app.

Go from screen-sharing to full-on collaboration with moderated screen access, integrated hybrid meeting support, multicast capability, annotation, and much more, with the app designed to get the most out of KLIK. 

Intelligent split-screen display responds instantly to the changing number of simultaneous screen shares.

Just start sharing content and the display switches from full-screen, to split-screen as content is added. Maximize any content for a closer view, then return to split-screen view, from the screen, a mouse or the Moderator's PC.

Password-controlled access prevents disruption from outside access to the screen.
Moderated Access puts a team leader in charge of user access to the big screen.
4K UHD, Quad split-screen display for optimum visibility.

Easily Manage Access to the Shared Screen

KLIK's moderation feature allows complete control over when shared content is displayed on the big screen.

Sometimes you need to manage what is being shown on the big screen and with KLIK, you have two ingenious way to do it. For touch-enabled displays, just tap to see thumbnails of the waiting content. No touchscreen? No problem, preview and manage screen shares using the KLIKConnect app.

How KLIK Wireless Content Sharing Works

  • Mac & iOS users can screen mirror using AirPlay, with PIN support, when enabled (default).

  • Windows, Android & Chromebook users can mirror desktop or browser tabs using Google Chrome.

  • Windows & Mac users can screen mirror, file share, annotate, live stream & moderate using the KLIKConnect app.

  • PC users with Thunderbolt or USB-C ports can screen mirror using the KLIKLink USB-C.

  • Any HDMI video source (camera, media player, Blu-ray, etc.) can project using the KLIKLink HDMI.

  • Screen splits automatically, up to 4 panes as user content is added.

  • Each content pane can be maximized to fill the screen, then returned to split-screen view.

Moderate Sessions with both On-Screen & In-App Preview.


Share Mirrored Content, Plus Live Audio & Video.

Key content sharing benefits.

  • Support all users, even guests, without requiring the installation of an app.

  • Ultra-high resolution display of shared content in both split-screen and full-screen views.

  • View a mix of Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & Chrome OS device shares at the same time.

  • Capture live video and audio alongside shared content for presentation, streaming & recording.

  • Greater security preventing access to the screen by unauthorized users.

KLIK supports both ad hoc and  moderated screensharing, with both in-app and on-screen content preview. 

Choose your preferred screensharing management mode based on your specific needs. Select ad hoc sharing for dynamic collaboration sessions in a controlled environment, or choose moderated sharing for classrooms and public venues. Moderated access also offers screen previews through on-screen thumbnails or in-app screen grabs, ensuring the right content is selected and pushed to the big screen.

Moderator Mode Allows Content Preview

  • What is Multicasting?
    Multicasting is the ability for each user of the KLIKConnect app (Windows or Mac) to share content to multiple KLIK-equipped screens at the same time. Multicast destination screens may be selected from the Multicast icon in the KLIKConnect Player app.
  • What is the purpose of the Multicasting feature?
    There are three key applications for Multicasting to KLIK screens. 1) Active learning environments where users share content on their own screen in breakout groups, then push content to a main screen for sharing with the rest of the group. 2) Sharing content to multiple screens that are usually separated by partition walls, in a meeting or conference room setup, when the partition walls are opened. 3) Sharing content from a main activity room to tertiary and overflow areas where the content requirements may be different from those shown in the main room.
  • Do I need special software or hardware to Multicast?
    No additional software or hardware is required to Multicast. Simply use the KLIKConnect app for Windows or Mac to gain access to the feature, then select the screens you wish to share content to.
  • How many additional screens can I Multicast to?
    While there is no fixed limit to the number of screens that can be included in a Multicast, keep in mind that multicasting does take up device and network resources, which may slow down a user's PC or the refresh rate of a screen.
  • Can I mirror the contents of one screen to other screens with Multicast?
    KLIK Multicasting is designed to offer users the greatest flexibility when sharing content across several screens. To do so, a user selects the specific screens to which they want to share content. Unlike systems where multicasting shares only the contents of one screen, KLIK Multicasting allows for complete customization of what is displayed on every screen.
  • Does Multicast work with Video and Audio, or just presentations?
    KLIK Multicast allows users to share any non-copyright-protected content to multiple screens at the same time, including Video and Audio.
  • We have some legacy KLIK receivers in our system, can we Multicast to them as well?
    KLIK Multicasting is backward compatible with all legacy KLIKStik and KLIKBoks models, but requires users to connect to at least one KLIKBoks HUB in order to share content to legacy devices.
  • Our KLIK devices are connected to the network over Wi-Fi, can we still use the Multicast feature?
    Yes, as long as your KLIK devices are all connected to a network, whether through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, content can be shared among them using the Multicast feature. Multicast cannot be used to share content to devices that use a hotspot connection.
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