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Securely share any content, from any device, to any screen with KLIK.

Share from your device to the big screen instantly with KLIK, even without installing an app! KLIK offers AirPlay & Google Cast compatibility, optional KLIKLink plug-and-play adapters, and the unified KLIKConnect app for the ultimate in features, performance and ease-of-use.

Quad, Split-screen Display in 4K Resolution for Sharp, Clear Images & Immersive Collaboration.

Easy, flexible, and robust wireless screen sharing is here, with KLIK. Set your KLIK up the way you prefer to work; high security access control for schools, open access for small business, and even end-to-end encrypted streaming with optional KLIKLink hardware devices. The choice is yours, and the results are astounding. Full-HD screen sharing, on a crystal-clear 4K platform that will get your message across, every time.

Open Access screen sharing makes it easy for anyone to start sharing content right away, even without installing an app.
Password-controlled access prevents disruption from outside access to the screen.
Moderated Access puts a team leader in charge of user access to the big screen.

Easily Manage Access to the Shared Screen

Quad, split-screen content sharing allows for better collaboration with in-person and remote teams, using KLIK.

Quad, Split-Screen Content Sharing in 4K UHD.

 Key Screensharing Features

  • Quad, split-screen display supports up to 4 users at one time.

  • Full-UHD 4K Display can support 4 1080p shares at a time.

  • Supports AirPlay, allowing Mac and iOS users to mirror their screens without installing an app.

  • Mirror the entire screen, or select browser tabs from any device running the Chrome Browser.

  • Combine content from any mix of devices and platforms, including live video, onto the split screen display.

  • Maximize any content pane for a closer look, then return to the split-screen view.

  • Preview user content before pushing to the screen with Moderator Mode.

KLIK supports both ad hoc and  moderated screensharing, with both in-app and on-screen content preview. 

Choose your preferred screensharing management mode based on your specific needs. Select ad hoc sharing for dynamic collaboration sessions in a controlled environment, or choose moderated sharing for classrooms and public venues. Moderated access also offers screen previews through on-screen thumbnails or in-app screen grabs, ensuring the right content is selected and pushed to the big screen.

Moderator Mode Allows Content Preview

How KLIK Wireless Screensharing Works

  • Mac & iOS users can screen mirror using AirPlay, with PIN support, when enabled (default).

  • Windows, Android & Chromebook users can mirror desktop or browser tabs using Google Chrome.

  • Windows & Mac users can screen mirror, file share, annotate, live stream & moderate using the KLIKConnect app.

  • PC users with Thunderbolt or USB-C ports can screen mirror using the KLIKLink USB-C.

  • Any HDMI video source (camera, media player, Blu-ray, etc.) can project using the KLIKLink HDMI.

  • Screen splits automatically, up to 4 panes as user content is added.

  • Each content pane can be maximized to fill the screen, then returned to split-screen view.

Moderate Sessions with both On-Screen & In-App Preview.


Share Mirrored Content, Plus Live Audio & Video.

Key Wireless Screensharing Benefits

  • Support all users, even guests, without requiring the installation of an app.

  • Ultra-high resolution display of shared content in both split-screen and full-screen views.

  • View a mix of Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & Chrome OS device shares at the same time.

  • Capture live video and audio alongside shared content for presentation, streaming & recording.

  • Greater security preventing access to the screen by unauthorized users.

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