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Unify remote users and on-premise teams with KLIK Conference.

KLIK Conference provides a flexible, high-performing wireless presentation and Unified Communications platform that enables hybrid meeting spaces. Our platform allows you to easily connect with colleagues, customers and partners in person and virtually, regardless of location. KLIK Conference is designed to make collaboration easier and more efficient, enabling teams to work together, from any location, with the click of a button.

Hybrid is here to stay in classrooms, meeting rooms, huddle spaces, civic centers, and anywhere else people congregate.

Integrate in-person and remote teams with KLIK’s Wireless Conferencing capabilities. Just walk into a KLIK-equipped room and connect to the display, webcam and audio system, wirelessly. Start a video call in one location, then move to a different room without restarting the call. You can even wrap up a call in a meeting room, then disconnect from the room’s AV gear and take the call with you to another location.

Hybrid meetings can start anytime, anywhere, with KLIK.

KLIK Wireless Conferencing Features

  • Platform-agnostic video collaboration for any classroom, meeting room or huddle space

  • Wireless connection to the room’s Display, Webcam and Audio system.

  • Accepts all standards-based USB Video and Audio peripherals (cameras & audio systems).

  • Works with Zoom, Meet, Teams, WebEx, and all major video conferencing platforms.

  • In-person screen sharing without joining the video conference.

  • No need for in-room participants to join the video call, just share content to the local screen.


Connect to the room's Display, Webcam & Audio System wirelessly, right from your laptop. No expensive room subscriptions, no dedicated computers and no complicated control panels. 


KLIKConnect 4

USB Webcam


Audio System


4K UHD Display

KLIK Wireless Conferencing Benefits

  • Eliminates the need for expensive, dedicated and proprietary “room systems”.

  • Simplifies deployment, operation and maintenance of video conferencing systems.

  • Readies any environment for hybrid operation with in-person and remote teams.

  • Reduces wasted time by supporting familiar user workflows for Calling & Sharing.


How KLIK Wireless Conferencing Works

  • KLIK connects to the Display (HDMI), Webcam (USB) and Audio System (USB) in the room.

  • User launches the KLIKConnect app and selects the Audio & Video devices from the app.

  • Select the room’s video and audio devices inside the Conferencing platform of your choice.

  • Push all remote participants and screen-shares to the local display for in-person viewing.

  • Push all local screen-shares, live audio and video to remote participants for remote viewing.

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