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Easily share to multiple screens, with KLIK Multicast.

KLIKBoks HUB is the perfect solution for routing video to multiple screens. With HUB, you can easily cast from any device to multiple KLIK-equipped screens, all at the same time, making it ideal for Active Classrooms, Partitioned Meeting Spaces and even Overflow areas. 

Powering enhanced collaboration in Active Learning Spaces.

Active Classrooms have gained in popularity for one simple reason; improved educational outcomes. But until now, an active classroom required tens of thousands of dollars in hardware, software and control systems.

Active Learning spaces improve educational outcomes by fostering communication, collaboration and critical thinking. KLIK Multicasting enables better learning through content sharing.

Now, KLIK brings the advantages of the active classroom to even the most modest of budgets, with its flexible video routing feature. Allow groups of students to screen-share to their own screen, then push content to other screens for discussion, comparisons and greater collaboration.

Powerful & flexible video routing is included with every KLIKBoks HUB, at no added cost. 

Powerful video routing features enabled by KLIK Multicasting.

  • Each user has the ability to send content to one, two, or as many screens as needed, all at the same time.

  • Mirror shared content to multiple screens in a partitioned space and use them as one system.

  • Deliver a unique mix of content to screens located in overflow and common areas.

  • Shared content can occupy the whole screen, or viewed in split-screen mode, all controlled from each display.

  • Moderators have the ability to maximize and minimize shared content from the KLIKConnect app.

  • Dynamically add or delete screens receiving shared content from the Multicast control panel.

  • Freeze any shared content to allow for private browsing or to open apps and documents.

  • Shared content may be marked up with Annotation and Whiteboard tools without a connected PC.

Each screen displays its own unique mix of shared content.

Unlike simple screen mirroring, KLIK Multicasting treats each screen as an individual destination, that receives its own, unique mix of shared content from users. Easily customize every screen by sharing what users need to see on their screen.

Mix and match content in partitioned spaces.

KLIK Multicast allows multiple screens to be used together, as is the case in partitioned meeting, learning and conference spaces.

Use KLIK Multicast in rooms with movable partition walls to expand your AV system as needed. Share the same content to multiple screens, or put your video conference on one screen, and shared content on the other. The choice is yours with Multicasting.

Share unique content to overflow, common and public areas.  

Use screens better, with the ability to share the exact content that's relevant for the location. Overflow areas benefit with content that may not otherwise be visible, common areas can display non-sensitive content, and public areas can offer general information.

Simple, intuitive access to, and control of, multiple screens.

Open the Multicast window to see, select and control all available screens in one place. No complicated configurations needed, simply select and activate multicasting to each screen at a time, or all at once. You can even freeze content on any screen while selecting another share.

Some of the benefits of Multicasting with KLIK.
  • More effective use of multiple screens, with expanded room for sharing even more content.

  • Split your video conferencing content to one screen, and use the second screen for local content sharing.

  • Make partitioned rooms combinable without need for expensive and complicated hardware switchers.

  • Provide information to guests and the public in common and overflow areas while sharing protected information in other areas.

  • Host meetings, classes, and events with multiple attendees and presenters, without expensive equipment rentals or technical staff.

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