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Connect & Set Up the KLIKBoks HUB

Quick Start Guide

There's a lot to know about the KLIKBoks HUB, so let's get started with this quick-start tutorial covering installation and basic setup.


KLIKBoks HUB Setup

(Requires USB Keyboard & Mouse)

Step 1

Connect the KLIK to a display (4)  and the included power supply (6). If available, connect to a network using an Ethernet cable (2). HUB will power on and display its standby screen.


Step 2

Connect a USB keyboard & mouse to an available USB port on the HUB.

Confirm power on when the standby screen is displayed.

Standby Daisy Open.png

Step 3

Locate the Menu icon along the left side of the screen, click on it and select Settings (6). Here you will configure the Network connection and various hardware options as needed.


Step 4

Select Wi-Fi or Ethernet to complete the network connectivity settings. Also configure Time and Location and any other settings required, then use the Menu icon to back out of the Settings page and return to the Standby screen.


Step 5

Locate the "Daisy" control panel in the bottom right of the screen, open it and click on the Settings icon to open the KLIK app settings page.


Step 6

Set device display name, password mode and other settings as needed, then click Apply to accept the changes and return to the standby screen.

Questions, issues, need help?
Click on the Help button to access more support resources.

Step 7

Congratulations, KLIKBoks HUB is ready to use! Be sure to download the User Manual for details on all HUB settings and operation.

Standby Daisy Open.png
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