KLIK Wireless Screen Mirroring Systems

Mirror your screen, share content and make presentations wirelessly 

Choose the best wireless screen mirroring system for your specific needs.

KLIK Stik is an ultra-compact wireless screen mirroring system that plugs into any TV.

KLIK Stik is Small, Wireless and Affordable.

KLIK Boks PLUS Wireless Screen Mirroring System with Remote Control

PLUS adds Ethernet, & a Wireless Remote.

KLIK Bok PRO Wireless Screen Mirrorng System with Central Management

PRO includes KLIKManager CMS

KLIK Boks HUB 4K UHD Wireless Screen Mirroring System

HUB offers Split-screen, Recording & Streaming.

KLIK Knkt lets any HDMI source stream wirelessly to any KLIK model.

Knkt makes any HDMI Source Wireless.

Every organization has its own specific needs, and we've got the right KLIK wireless presentation system for every one of them. ​From the wireless-only KLIK Stik, to the Fully-loaded HUB, and the Knkt that can be added on to any model, we've got you covered. Wireless screen sharing & screen mirroring have never been this easy and affordable. 

With universal device compatibility, consistently high performance, unmatched ease of use and class-leading affordability, KLIK will make all your presentations wireless. 

Still Need Help Choosing?

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