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KLIKConnect V4 Now Available - Download for: Windows or Mac


A family of products working together to make you more productive.


"Wireless Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing, Live Streaming, Recording, Annotation; the HUB has it all for both in-person or hybrid work and education environments."

Wirelessly share content from any device, display multiple sources at the same time, integrate room audio & video for use with Zoom, Teams, Meet and other platforms, record and live-stream sessions, broadcast to multiple screens, and more, all on the KLIKBoks HUB.

KLIKConnect 4

"Get the absolute most from your KLIK Wireless Collaboration System with KLIKConnect; the app designed to turbocharge your productivity."

KLIKConnect offers a user experience that's more robust, more reliable and easier to use than any consumer connection protocol. Share your screen, host a video conference, exchange files, and Live Stream the whole session using the KLIKConnect app for Mac & Windows PCs.


"Whether it's the latest MacBook or a Surface Pro, if it supports video over USB-C, this is your solution. One plug, one device, one click, and you're live."

A great alternative for guests and regulars alike, the KLIKLink USB-C connects any compatible PC to the KLIK collaboration system instantly, with just one cable. Share your screen in full-HD, plus get the benefit of wireless USB touchback for touch screen compatibility.


"Plug and Dis-Play any HDMI video source instantly, with the KLIKLink HDMI sender. Integrate any video capture or playback device into the KLIK ecosystem."

Document camera, digital microscope, media player or camcorder, you never know what you'll need to connect to your KLIK Collaboration system. KLIKLink HDMI offers both video and presentation modes for any device, allowing seamless integration, instantly.

Choose the best wireless collaboration system for your specific needs.

Every organization has its own specific needs, and with KLIK, we've got them all covered. ​Start with a KLIKBoks HUB on every screen, then use the KLIKConnect app for Windows and Mac clients, for a powerful, low-cost and scalable setup. Add KLIKLink HDMI to connect legacy PCs or alternative video sources, and KLIKLink USB-C for guests with Thunderbolt or USB-C Video-equipped PCs. Support mobile users with AirPlay and Google Cast support, and enjoy the benefits of the most advanced collaboration system available.

Wireless collaboration has never been this easy or affordable. 

With universal device compatibility, consistently high performance, unmatched ease of use and class-leading affordability, KLIK will make all your collaborations wireless.

Still Need Help Deciding?

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