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Wireless Content Management for Classrooms

Integrate all of your Digital Assets on one platform.

Wireless presentations save time and improve engagement.

An increasingly digital classroom needs a modern and efficient way to share the screen between students and faculty, alike. Cables, adapters, dongles, connector panels and complicated switching systems are  just too complicated and expensive, and users waste too much time just getting connected.


KLIK allows for easy and seamless wireless screen sharing between PCs, tablets or even mobile devices, so everyone can share content in seconds.


Wireless Screen Sharing offers even more advantages in the classroom.

  • Students can present from anywhere in the classroom, even from their desks, without being tethered to a cable.

  • Complete control over who connects to the screen, and when; no more wasted time waiting for people to connect.

  • KLIK's screen sharing feature allows students to view and capture the shared content on their own device.

  • Built-in File Sharing utility makes it easy to distribute digital files selectively, or to all students.

  • Easily accommodate guest presenters using Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices without installing an app.

  • Centralized management ensures that KLIK devices are always up to date and functioning properly.

Location-independent Wireless Presentations

With the KLIK wireless screen mirroring system in the classroom, teachers and students can share their screens from anywhere. No more time wasted taking their computer to the front of the classroom, and fumbling with cables and connectors. Just leave the computer behind and connect to the display or projector, wirelessly!

"KLIK is the cornerstone of any smart wireless classroom, allowing students and teachers to effortlessly share content to the screen."

Students can make wireless presentations, right from their desk.

Screen Share Wirelessly from Anywhere in the Classroom.

  • Students & Faculty can make their presentations from anywhere.

  • Eliminates wasted time while presenter gets set up.

  • No more fumbling with cables and connectors.

  • Instant connection to the screen, all without delays.

  • No need to bring the computer to the front of the class.

  • Share a presentation remote or wireless desktop.

  • Saves between 10-18% of classroom presentation time.

Secure, Moderated Access to the Screen

With KLIK, the teacher is in control of who has access to the screen, either from the KLIK app, or the included wireless remote control. Use the remote for rapid-fire switching between connected devices, or use the app to preview the student's content before making it live. KLIK eliminates the false starts and chaos of student-initiated sharing sessions.

"The KLIK wireless presentation system for education is the ideal companion to projectors, flat panels, and especially touch-enabled displays."

Teachers can preview students' content before sharing it to the screen.

Preview the student's screen, then Share it.

  • With KLIK, you control who has access to the screen, and when. 

  • Use the KLIK app to select a student and preview their screen contents.

  • Start or end their screen sharing session with just one click.

  • Students can Pause or End their session, at any time.

  • Use the handheld remote control to switch between students.

  • Eliminates the need for students to enter a password to connect.

  • Give guests access to the screen, even without installing an app.

Wireless Screen Sharing of Content Directly to Students' Devices

The KLIKStream feature makes the on-screen presentation view-able in any browser window, as it happens. Now, students can see the screen clearly, no matter where they're seated in the classroom. Plus, with the screen capture capability of KLIKStream, students can focus on learning, not copying down notes from the content they see on the screen.



Remote Viewing

  • Students can view and capture the mirrored content, without an app.

  • Allows students and faculty to audit class content remotely.

  • Variable screen refresh rate keeps network requirements modest.

  • Zoom feature allows Actual Size and Fit to Screen views.

  • Screen capture saves what you see to an image file for later review.

See KLIKStream in Action

Wireless Screen Sharing in the Classroom

Built-in File Sharing

KLIK includes an intuitive File Sharing feature that makes it easy to distribute digital assets to students. Just drag and drop any file into the file-sharing window and select from one to all recipients and press Share. The files are immediately available to your students, without requiring downloads from servers or cloud accounts.  

"KLIK offers a variety of wireless screen mirroring solutions that will allow both students and teachers to share their screens, wirelessly."

  • Instant file sharing allows distribution of digital assets.

  • Simple, drag and drop interface allows file selection.

  • Select recipients by clicking on each name, or select all.

  • Recipients select the files they want, for direct download.

  • File Sharing requires no server or remote logins by students.

No faster way to shares files.

Guest Access

Want to accommodate guests who may not have the KLIK app installed? With KLIK, all you need to do is press one button, to allow guest access to the screen from Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. With support for AirPlay and Miracast, KLIK lets users screen-share using the native utility already on their device.

"Convert and old projector into a wireless classroom projection system by adding the KLIK wireless presentation system."

  • Full screen mirroring is supported from all devices.

  • KLIK supports screen mirroring from iOS and Mac devices, using AirPlay.

  • Support for screen mirroring from Windows devices using Miracast.

  • Android users can mirror their screens using the Cast function.

  • Chrome OS users can mirror using the KLIK extension for Chrome.

KLIK works with every device. 

Remote Management System

KLIK includes a complete Central Management Systems (CMS), called KLIK Manager. System administrators can use KLIK Manager to set up, monitor and manage KLIK devices across a campus, with ease. Check on the network status of a device, change the standby screen wallpaper, or even view the presentation remotely, without going to the classroom.


Central Management System

  • View KLIK status and health at a glance

  • Instant notification of firmware updates as needed

  • Control individual units or make global changes

  • Push screen Wallpaper to KLIK by simply selecting an image

  • View Mac and IP addresses and assign DHCP settings

  • Enable/Disable KLIK Password requirements

  • View screen output from any KLIK Boks in real time

We Wrote the Book on Wireless Presentation Systems.

'Wireless presentation systems' is a relatively new product category, and good information is hard to come by. So, we decided to write the definitive guide to the three essential technologies that underpin all available systems, and let you decide which works best for you. This resource is completely brand-agnostic and available as a free download.

  • Wireless Presentation Systems (screen sharing) explained.

  • Learn about the three platforms that most systems are built on.

  • The technologies employed by various brands to deliver screen sharing.

  • Network considerations for deployment.

  • Preparing for wireless screen sharing implementation.

  • Design considerations for education and enterprise.

  • Unbiased and brand agnostic, focused on the facts.

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