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KLIKConnect 4.0
Integrated Collaboration App 

The one application that unlocks all the power and versatility of any KLIK System.


Faster Connections, Better Performance, Collaboration & Productivity Tools Built Right In.

Unlock the power with KLIKConnect

KLIKConnect™ unleashes the full potential of every KLIK Wireless Presentation System by combining connectivity management with a suite of productivity tools, all available as a free download.


From locating and connecting to Wi-Fi and KLIK devices, to Annotation and Whiteboarding tools, KLIKConnect is an indispensable part of any collaboration environment.

Available for Windows & Mac* PCs.

* KLIKConnect Version 4.0 for Mac coming in Q2-2023

Key Features 
  • Fully integrated Screen-Sharing, Wireless Conferencing & Collaboration app for all KLIK devices.

  • Wireless Videoconferencing link to room Webcam & Audio System from any Platform.

  • Wireless Screen Mirroring of any Content from Windows & Mac PCs, in Full HD.

  • Multicast feature supports Audio & Video Routing for Multi-screen Content Sharing.

  • Moderator Mode permits organizer to preview user content before pushing it to the screen.

  • Moderator can Maximize and Minimize user content from within the app.

  • Integrated File Sharing utility allows bi-directional peer to peer drag-and-drop file exchange.

  • KLIKStream feature allows users to view content inside a browser with no app installation.

  • Included Annotation & Whiteboard app allows users to mark up and share content.

  • Password-protected screen access, with Administrator gateway to Moderator Mode.

  • Simple, intuitive Media Player UI with Start, Stop, Pause and Volume controls.

  • Easily switch between Mirror of Main or Secondary display, or Extended Desktop mode.

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True Screen Mirroring

Show your audience exactly what's on your screen!


KLIK Knkt Software for Windows


KLIK Mirror Software for Android


KLIK Mirror Software for Android

KLIKBoks PRO supports wireless streaming from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome OS, even without installing an app.

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Automated Setup


KLIKBoks PRO is the wireless presentation device that's not only powerful and affordable, it's also easy to install and use.

With the KLIKWizard setup automation app, your KLIKBoks will be up and running in minutes. 

"Stylize your wallpaper with your own images, logos and more, all in seconds with the KLIKWizard!"

Central Management

Manage all your KLIKs from one console.

Deploying a fleet of KLIKBoks PRO? Get the KLIKManager CMS for the easiest way to manage all of them.


Instantly push updates, change wallpapers, support users, change passwords, and more, all from an intuitive user interface.


KLIKManager is made for Windows, Mac & Linux platforms.

Screen Beam

Present wirelessly direct to your audience.

Improve the way your audience sees and absorbs the presentation by beaming it directly to their own device screen, with KLIKStream.

Viewers see all the details up-close, can pause to take a closer look, or even take a screen shot to review the content later.


No more squinting to see the screen or furious note-taking with KLIKStream! 


Digital Media Player

Play Slideshows, Digital Signage, Music and Videos, no computer required.

KLIKBoks PRO is your 24/7 digital media player that's capable of playing almost any image, audio and video file.

Just plug in a thumb drive and select the files you want to play using the included remote. Plus, the media player can even be controlled from your phone.

Remote Control
(and batteries) Included

A wireless presentation system with a remote? This KLIK exclusive allows for faster, easier access to many of KLIKBoks PRO's features and functions.

Key Remote Features

  • Select Presenters, Start/End Streaming

  • Media Player Control for Audio, Video, Images

  • Moderate Meetings, Control Presenter Access

  • Adjust KLIK Settings Quickly & Easily

  • Power, Volume, Playback Controls 


Explore More Features & Functions

Tech Talk

In the interest of ongoing product development, all specifications are  subject to change without notice.

Learn Even More

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Integration Manual
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