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Wireless Video Sender

TouchBack capability is built into KLI Stik.

Screen-Sharing on USB-C

The perfect complement for any KLIK wireless screen sharing system, the KLIKLink USB-C sender is the fastest way to add wireless screen sharing to any Windows or Mac PC*. 

No software downloads, no installations, just plug in the USB-C cable, press one button and go!

Watch the video

  • Works with all KLIK models

  • Presentation or Video modes

  • Powered by USB-C

  • Full-HD 1080p streaming

  • Does not require Wi-Fi

  • Pairs in under a minute

  • Multi-function LED

  • Only one control

  • Can be used with Windows or Mac PCs*

KB460 Wireless USB-C Sender


  • Stream content to KLIKStik, KLIKBoks PLUS, PRO & HUB wireless screen sharing systems

  • Single USB-C cable plugs into any USB-C equipped PC*

  • Switchable between Presentation and Video modes, for optimum frame rates and minimal latency

  • Powered by USB, with integrated HID touch-back, for use with Touch displays, wireless remote or mouse

  • Single pushbutton to initiate and end streaming session, with multicolor LED status indicator

  • Works with KLIK Moderator mode, and in split-screen mode on HUB.

  • Fast and simple one-time pairing process to connect to the KLIK wireless screen sharing system

  • 3-Year Warranty protection

The KLIKLink USB-C Sender is a plug-and-play wireless streaming solution for any PC equipped with a USB-C interface*. KLIKLink pairs to any KLIK wireless screen sharing system, allowing users to plug in to a PC and start streaming with the push of a single button. KLIKLink is ideal for use with secured PCs that can’t install the KLIK app, and unlike competing solutions, it doesn’t need to install drivers on the computer.


Switchable between presentation mode, which favors minimal latency, or video mode, that supports full-motion HD video, the KLIKLink adapts to your needs. Just like all KLIK models, KLIKLink allows for HID touch-back from touch-enabled displays, wireless presentation remotes or a wireless or wired desktop. Plus, it works with KLIK’s Moderator Mode, and split-screen, quad-view mode on the KLIKBoks HUB.

Add the KLIKLink to your meeting room, conference room, classroom or anywhere you want to maximize the options for wireless screen sharing and enhanced collaboration.


Switch between Video

& Presentation Modes


Works with Windows

& Mac PCs

Front Left new.png

Simple, one-cable

Wireless Streaming.

* Compatibility note: Check with your PC owners manual to confirm support for video on USB-C. 

KLIKLink USB-C Specifications

Quick Start Guide
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