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KLIKConnect V4 Now Available - Download for: Windows or Mac

KLIKBoks HUB Wireless Collaboration System

Multi-User Collaboration for Any Classroom, Meeting Room or Huddle Space

This is the hybrid collaboration system you've been waiting for.

  • Wireless Video Conferencing.

  • Wireless Screen Sharing.

  • Matrix Multicasting.

  • Live Streaming & Recording.

  • Local and Remote Viewing.

  • Audio & Video Capture.


Works with All Videoconferencing Platforms

meeting (1).png

BYOM Video Conferencing

  • Connect wirelessly to the room's TV, camera and audio system.

  • Use any Video Platform incl. Zoom, Teams, Meet, WebEx, etc.

  • Share local and remote content with all attendees.

  • Use your personal account; no expensive room subscription required


KLIKConnect 4

USB Webcam


Audio System


4K UHD Display

Connect to the room's Display, Webcam & Audio System wirelessly, right from your laptop. No expensive room subscriptions, no dedicated computers and no complicated control panels. 

Wireless Screen Sharing

Mirror your content to the big screen, from any device. 

Display an exact copy of what's on your screen, to the big screen instantly, alongside of other content or in full-screen view. 

KLIK Knkt Software for Mac OS
KLIK Knkt Software for Windows
KLIK Mirror Software for Android
KLIK Knkt Software for iOS
KLIK Mirror Software for Android

Live Streaming

Take your message to the World. Literally!

  • Live-stream your Meeting, Class or Function with KLIK.

  • Choose any destination; Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or more.

  • Add live video and audio for a complete experience.

  • Start and stop live streams with just one click.

  • Viewers can watch on a Smart TV, mobile device or PC.


Content Multicasting

Any Content, Any Screen, Anytime, all included with HUB.


Everything you need, on

One Platform.

Collaborate, Communicate, Share, and Broadcast, all on one platform.

KLIKBoks HUB is the unprecedented collaboration device you've wanted all along. Wireless screen sharing is only the start. HUB replaces costly and complicated room systems and allows use of any conferencing system right from your laptop.

HUB was born for hybrid environments. No other collaboration system allows seamless integration of local and remote participants, with limitless capacity. Share with your team or broadcast to millions, all on the same platform.

HUB makes it easy to collaborate in-person, and remotely.

Wireless Presentations,

Video Conferencing, 

Live Streaming,

Session Recording,

HDMI Camera Input,

Built-in Annotation & Whiteboard,

On-screen Moderator Control...

You get the picture, HUB is loaded.


A Complete Collaboration System

  • Wireless screen mirroring from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebooks connected to the local Wi-Fi, using Google Cast, AirPlay, or the KLIKConnect app.


  • Guests connected to the HUB's internal Guest Hotspot. Guest HDMI sources (Linux PCs, Cameras, etc.) connected wirelessly using the KB400 HDMI Sender, and a document camera connected to HUB's HDMI input.


  • All displayed on the 4K UHD touch-screen that controls not only the content, but also the PCs through Touch-back USB.


  • Local viewers following the presentation over the LAN, while remote viewers are watching it on YouTube, and the whole thing is being recorded to SD or USB.

Does this explain why we call it the HUB?

start up business people group attending videoconference call with senior investitior_edit
Standby Daisy Open.png

Get the Demo

More Details

KLIK Boks HUB goes far beyond screen mirroring; it's your collaboration hub.

KLIK Knkt Software for iOS

HUB supports wireless screen mirroring from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome OS, even without installing an app.

Hub's split scren shows up to 4 screens at a time.

Displays up to 4 simultaneous HD streams

HUB operates in unattended mode, or with a moderator at the controls. As users start sharing their content, the screen splits automatically, dividing the available space equally. Simply click on any share to maximize it, for a closer look; click again to return to the split-screen view. Touch displays add another dimension to the user experience by allowing the moderator to simply tap on the screen to zoom into content.

Complete session control with the Daisy

A unique and innovative control panel that hides away when not in use, then blooms into form when needed. All of your controls in one place. Engage Moderator Mode, open the content selection panel, initiate recording or start live streaming to YouTube, all with the Daisy. Access and use the Daisy directly on a touch-enabled display, or use a mouse connected to the HUB on any display.

Optimized for touch displays, but works with any HD display

HUB is at home on touch displays, with a completely touch-friendly user interface. Tap to reveal connected users, and see a thumbnail of their screen share. Tap on any thumbnail to make it full-screen, then tap again to return it to the shared desktop. Move the Daisy to where it’s most convenient, then use touch controls to enable Moderator Mode, Screen Recording, or Live Streaming to your YouTube channel. Call up the built-in annotation app, and sketch, type and draw, right on the screen.


Built-in, multi-user Annotation & Whiteboard feature

HUB’s annotation and whiteboarding software is built right into the device; no computer required. No touch display? No problem, just use any external mouse or tablet as your interface. All markups are saved to individual layers, so multiple presenters can each have their own annotation session, that can be displayed, streamed, captured, and printed. Tight integration between screen sharing and annotation allows users to work fluidly, with the ability to easily recall all settings.

HDMI input, for integration of document cameras, whiteboards and other sources

While HUB is designed to support wireless screen sharing from PCs and mobile devices, it also offers an HDMI input for connection of wired video devices. Plug in any document camera, Blu-ray player, video microscope, or any other HDMI video source, and HUB treats it like any other shared content. Add the external HDMI source to the split-screen view, maximize it to full-screen, and even annotate over it, record it, or stream it live to YouTube. This is much more than an HDMI pass-through, it’s true integration.

KLIKBoks HUB (2).jpg

Wi-Fi and Ethernet network connectivity with Hotspot

For guest users who aren’t otherwise connected to the network, HUB can act as a hotspot, allowing them to get connected. Completely independent of your main network, with its own SSID and password, the guest hotspot feature solves a connectivity issue and eliminates the need for expensive additional network equipment or configuration.

KLIKLive feature to stream directly to YouTube

For the first time, presentations and classes can extend beyond the physical boundaries of the room or the network, and be shared with viewers anywhere in the world. KLIKLive allows you to stream your session to YouTube in real time, extending your message to those in remote locations. Select Public, Private or Unlisted, to determine how your stream will be accessed, and make it available only to the people you choose. At the same time, YouTube will record the session and make it available for later viewing, all for free.


Multi-state screen password feature

For greater control over user access to the screen, HUB offers the option of enabling a screen connection password. When enabled, users will be prompted to enter the password, before they can screen share to HUB. The password itself can be system-generated, and refreshed automatically, or it can be fixed. A randomly-generated password is ideal for high-traffic applications such as classrooms or public meeting spaces, while a fixed password serves as more of a check to prevent inadvertent connection to the display in another room.

Session Recording capability

HUB includes full session recording capability that’s both powerful, and extremely easy to use. Simply choose where you want to save your recording—SD card, USB flash drive or internal storage—then press the on-screen record button. HUB records your entire session, including annotations and whiteboarding, in full-motion video. Just pop out the flash drive or card and play back or archive the session video for later review.


KLIK Boks HUB Downloads






Quick Start Guide

In the interest of ongoing product development, all specifications are  subject to change without notice.

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