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Wireless Presentation System Features

Why KLIK is Your Best Choice in Wireless Presentation Systems

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KLIK Feature Comparison, by Model


Features matter. Transparency matters even more. That's why we've listed the key features of all KLIK models in one place, so you can see exactly what each model does. If you'd like to compare KLIK to any other wireless screen sharing product, just download the PDF checklist by clicking here.


AirPlay Support
Miracast Support
Windows App
Mac App
Chrome OS App
iOS App
Android App
OTA Updates
Custom Wallpapers
Open Access
Password Access
Moderated Access
Media Player
USB Remote
HDMI Output
Wi-Fi Connect
Ethernet Connect
VGA Output
Audio Outputs
IR Remote Control

Mirror your Screen from all of these devices!

KLIK Knkt Software for Mac OS
KLIK Knkt Software for iOS
KLIK Knkt Software for Windows
KLIK Mirror Software for Android
KLIK Mirror Software for Android

KLIK is compatible with nearly all PCs, Tablets and Smartphones running Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, iOS or Android; even without installing an app. Choose how you want to work, with both support for the native streaming utility already on your device, or with KLIK's Knkt app. No other wireless presentation system gives you the option to select how users connect to the wireless display. Select Open Access and allow guests to stream their screen without installing an app. Or, choose Password Access to restrict connections to only those in the room. With Managed Access, only you control who has access to the screen, after you've previewed their content right on your own PC.

Built-in Wi-Fi

KLIK Boks includes Wi-Fi capability that allows it to adapt to your existing environment and connectivity needs. Use KLIK's Wi-Fi to connect to your existing wireless network and share it across your organization.


The included KLIK software enables you to seamlessly manage multiple presentations, annotate live presentations, stream video, audio, and slide shows, and turn touch screen displays into a recordable whiteboard. Install from the included 8GB USB drive or download it here.

Moderator Mode

KLIK allows conference moderators to manage and queue up to 64 devices for seamless presentation transitions without changing a single cable!

Moderator Mode
VGA Connection

KLIK works with legacy projectors and video displays using VGA, without the need for extra cables and adapters. Plus, KLIK can match its resolution settings to the VGA display automatically. Try that with an adapter! (PLUS & PRO Only)

HDMI Connection

Get the most from your HD display with breathtaking full 1920 x 1080p resolution through KLIK Boks. The HDMI output allows connection to any HD display and combines audio with video for a fully immersive experience.

Wireless USB Touchback

KLIK lets presenters use a touch-enabled display to control their PC. Or, you can share a mouse, keyboard, presentation remote, or other USB devices when connected to the screen. Just plug the device into the USB port and it is immediately available to whichever computer is currently displaying its screen.



Using freehand drawing tools, shapes, colors and text, the KNKT Annotation app is a productive way to brainstorm and record collaborative presentations. Save your changes to a connected presentation device or print them out.


Tired of dead markers and boards that won’t erase? Using the Whiteboard app, KLIK Boks lets you draw right on your screen, type notes, add symbols and do it all in color. Save your work to a connected device, print it or share with attendees.

Media Player

KLIK Boks includes a media player that can stream video and audio, or display photo slide-shows either through the USB port or directly from the network, all without tying up a computer. Great for convention displays.


​KLIK Boks incorporates a LAN 10/100 Ethernet port to connect to your existing network infrastructure and make KLIK Boks available to wireless and wired clients. Stream content across the network and support presentations from clients around the world! (PLUS & PRO Only)

Audio Outputs

​KLIK Boks sends both video and audio from your computer, smartphone or tablet, so we’ve included both digital (S/PDIF) and analog (RCA) audio outputs for amazing setup flexibility. Just plug in any self-powered speaker and enjoy CD-quality sound. (PLUS & PRO Only)

Mobile Devices

​Bring on the BYOD generation with support for smartphones and tablets, including Android, iOS and even DLNA-enabled computers, regardless of their operating system or native screen mirroring capabilities.

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