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KLIK Streaming Classroom Solution

Integrated Live-Streaming of Audio, Video & Content for Distance Learning


Deliver your curriculum to students live, with minimal hardware, no on-going fees, and simple, one-click operation.

The KLIK SCS takes the complexity of multi-source streaming and makes it easy. Simply connect the SCS to your network, plug in a camera, and you're streaming classes in minutes. Share content from a PC, document camera or even your smartphone, wirelessly.

Show your students multiple content panes in a split-screen, or maximize any one to fill the screen. Annotate right over the content, or switch to whiteboard mode to draw, write and type right on the screen.

There's no mistaking true UHD, 4K Performance when you can share 4 simultaneous HD screens at one time! Instantly maximize any of the four streams, with the click of a mouse or a tap on the touchscreen. 


SCS isn't just for remote streaming, it combines wireless screen sharing, remote viewing and annotation into one affordable system.

Screen Sharing, Live Streaming, & Much More


KLIK SCS combines several functions that support distance learning into one easy to use package. A camera captures video and audio from the instructor, then combines that with digital content from PCs, Tablets, and even Smartphones, to stream to students.

Students simply sign into YouTube and watch the session in real time. Questions and comments are supported with the YouTube commenting function, to provide feedback to the instructor. On conclusion of the live session, a copy is automatically posted on the channel, for later access by students.

Additional cameras, document cameras, and multiple PCs may be connected and streamed, while maintaining simplicity of operation, and the whole system works flawlessly with touch displays.


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KLIK Streaming Classroom Solution; your virtual classroom.

Supports wireless screen mirroring from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome OS, even without installing an app.

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