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Mastering wireless Presentation Systems

Adding a wireless presentation system to your organization will transform the way you get things done. No more "pass the cable" or hunting for adapters, and everyone gets to use their favorite device, be it PC, tablet or smartphone.

Want to learn more about these systems and how they work? Download the FREE whitepaper, Mastering Wireless Presentation System. Originally published in Sound & Communications magazine as a two-part series, it takes an unbiased look behind the marketing-speak, to help you learn all about these products.

Mastering Wireless Presentation Systems

Learn About the Technology Behind These Systems and Make an Informed Decision

Topics Covered in the White Paper

  • Definition of wireless presentation systems in all their forms.

  • Breakdown of the three basic architectures that all present systems are built on.
  • Detailed review of how each architecture works, its constituent parts and benefits.
  • The role of the Network, wired or wireless, in integration of these systems.
  • Best practices in the selection and implementation of a WPS.
  • And much more.
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