KLIK is Compatible with All Device Platforms

KLIK Works with PCs, Tablets & Smartphones 

Any Device,



KLIK supports a broad range of computing and mobile platforms, so your team can start screen sharing wirelessly, regardless of which device they use.

KLIK Knkt Software for Mac OS
KLIK Knkt Software for iOS
KLIK Knkt Software for Windows
KLIK Mirror Software for Android
KLIK Mirror Software for Android

Mac OS

Using Mac with KLIK 

Mac users have a choice between native streaming, without installing an app, or to use the KLIKConnect application.

Install the KLIK app to use the KLIK Password Access feature, to participate in Moderated Access meetings, or to allow your content to be viewed through KLIKStream.

Otherwise, use the AirPlay feature built into Mac OS.


Using Windows with KLIK 

Users of Windows PCs, running either in desktop or Tablet mode, may choose either native streaming, or to use the KLIK app. 


While both native, and the KLIK app support screen mirroring, the KLIK app adds several powerful features, not available with the native client.


Using Chromebook with KLIK 

Chrome OS

Chromebook users may install the free KLIK Connect extension to their Chrome browser. The extension allows the user to "discover" and connect to a KLIK device, using the password, if enabled.

The KLIK app supports full screen mirroring.



Using iOS Devices with KLIK

KLIK supports iOS devices through AirPlay compatibility. The best way to stream is to use the included utility by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Due to restrictions imposed by the manufacturer, iOS devices are restricted to screen mirroring only using AirPlay. The KLIK app offers limited document and image sharing capability. 



Using Android with KLIK 

Android includes Miracast as its native screen sharing utility, which is supported by KLIK. The KLIK Mirror app acts a shortcut tool to the native streaming utility.

In addition, the KLIK Mirror app for Android offers password support and moderated session support.

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