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KLIKManager Remote Management System


Central Management

Available for
Win, Mac, Linux

KLIKManager makes it easy to set up, monitor and maintain all of our KLIKBoks units, from any PC.

Chad L., Exeter Prep

Manage all KLIK Boks PRO & KLIK Stik Wireless Presentation Systems with ease, using KLIKManager.

KLIKManager Downloads

KLIKManager Central Managemnt System for Windows

Wireless Presentation System Deployments at Scale 

KLIKManger Downloads

KLIK Manager provides system administrators with setup, configuration and maintenance control over a whole fleet of KLIKBoks PRO devices across a network.



  • View KLIK status and health at a glance

  • Instant notification of firmware updates as needed

  • Control individual units or make global changes

  • Push screen Wallpaper to KLIK by simply selecting an image

  • View Mac and IP addresses and assign DHCP settings

  • Enable/Disable KLIK Password requirements

  • View screen output from any KLIK Boks in real time

Remote View

The fastest way to support users is to see what they see. Remote View allows you to view what's on the screen of any KLIK device across the network. 

Wallpaper Changes

Customize the KLIK desktop with your choice of images and graphics easily and quickly. Just select the image you want and push it to one, two, or even all KLIK devices at the same time.


Push changes to one, two, or as many KLIK devices as needed, all at once. Update firmware, change passwords, or update the standby screen with a custom image, with just one KLIK.

Monitoring in Real Time

Instant Health Check

image (2).png

See at a glance every KLIKBoks on the network, along with its current operation status. Devices are listed by name and IP address, making it easy to find and identify their location.

OTA Firmware Updates

image (5).png

KLIK Manager compares the installed firmware with KLIK's server and notifies the administrator if a later version is available. Push updates to one or several KLIKBoks as needed.

KLIK Manager Across Networks


Admin can connect to wired or wireless network.

KLIK Boks can be connected on Wi-Fi.

KLIK Boks devices on wired Ethernet Network.

KLIK Boks supports wired or wireless connection.

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