KLIKManager Central Management System Software

Wireless Presentation System Deployments at Scale  

Manage all KLIK Boks PRO & KLIK Stik

Wireless Presentation Systems

with Ease, using KLIK Manager.

KLIKManager Downloads

KLIKManager Central Managemet System for MacOS
KLIKManager Central Managemnt System for Windows
KLIKManager for Linux Central Management System

KLIK Manager provides system administrators with setup, configuration and maintenance control over a whole fleet of KLIK Boks PRO devices across a network.

  • View KLIK status and health at a glance

  • Instant notification of firmware updates as needed

  • Control individual units or make global changes

  • Push screen Wallpaper to KLIK by simply selecting an image

  • View Mac and IP addresses and assign DHCP settings

  • Enable/Disable KLIK Password requirements

  • View screen output from any KLIK Boks in real time

Instant Health Check

See at a glance every KLIK Boks on the network, along with its current operation status. Devices are listed by name and IP address, making it easy to find and identify their location.

OTA Firmware Updates

KLIK Manager compares the installed firmware with KLIK's server and notifies the administrator if a later version is available. Push updates to one or several KLIK Boks as needed.

KLIK Manager Across Networks

Admin can connect to wired or wireless network.

KLIK Boks can be connected on Wi-Fi.

KLIK Boks devices on wired Ethernet Network.

KLIK Boks supports wired or wireless connection.

KLIK-Stream Viewing

Access individual KLIK devices or groups of devices to make changes in settings and configurations. Streamline management by applying Global changes to any number of devices.


Remote Viewing

Local & Global Settings

Tap into the KLIK-Stream feature to view individual KLIK Boks screen outputs right inside the Manager. Verify settings with a live view, and simplify support by viewing what the user sees.

One-click Wallpaper changes

Brighten up your Standby screens with custom wallpapers, now made easier than ever. No need to edit image files, just grab your favorite photo and upload it to KLIK. Only KLIK is smart enough to make its own wallpapers!

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