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KLIKStik Wireless Presentation System

The most affordable cross-platform wireless screen mirroring device anywhere.



Affordable enough for every screen! Powerful enough for any User.

KLIKStik™ is the professional wireless presentation system that not only delivers the features and performance you expect, it does it all at a breakthrough price.

Now, you can afford to make every screen wireless, with KLIKStik.

Small, but Mighty.

Packing all the features of the big brands, for a lot less.

  • Wireless presentations from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebooks

  • Easily customize the display screen with your own logo or images.

  • Simple self-installation with the free KLIKWizard setup app.
  • True Screen Mirroring lets you show exactly what's on your device screen.*
  • On-screen Annotation & Whiteboard with the KLIKConnect app (Windows & Mac)
  • Supports Wireless Touch for use with Touch Displays
  • Connects to any 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network (5GHz Wi-Fi band not supported)

* Not recommended for showing videos (Why?)


Any Screen, Instantly

Conference Room

KLIKStik works with all of your devices.

Welcome all users, and their favorite devices, with broad compatibility and flexible screen-sharing options. 













The KLIKStik Ecosystem

A lot more than just screen mirroring.


Plug it into a touchscreen for interactive operation with PCs*, add any HDMI device with KLIKLink, and even allow users to view the presentation on their own device with KLIKStream.

This is a Pro-level Wireless Presentation System.

* Windows & Mac.

KLIKStik as a System

Expand, Enhance, or just Enjoy as-is.

Modern Building

Customize Your Look

Customize your KLIK screen with custom wallpapers.

Custom Wallpapers

Choose what you want to see on the screen while the KLIK Stik isn't being used, with a custom wallpaper. No editing skills required, simply grab any image and the KLIKWizard does the rest. Changing wallpapers is so easy, you could have one for each day of the week.

KLIK Stik plugs right into any HDMI display or projector, and we even include a short cable to make it easier. KLIKStik gets its power from any USB socket on your display, so you don't need to find an extra power outlet. Once connected, the KLIK Wizard will find your KLIKStik, pair it with your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, and step you through the rest of the setup process. You even get to change the wallpaper with any image of your choice, all in just a few simple steps. Once Stik is connected and set up, you can start wireless screen sharing from PCs, smartphones and tablets, even without installing an app.

Let's Talk KLIKStik Features




3 Steps to Deploying the KLIK Boks
Planning Guide
KLIK Boks Integration Manual
Integration Manual
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