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#1 of 10 Top Features of KLIK Boks HUB: Meet "The Daisy"

Inspired by the Daisy, the HUB presents the user with an intuitive and dynamic control interface, right on the screen.

It's tough to pick a favorite of the many new features in the KLIK Boks HUB, but let's start out with a major UI innovation, 'The Daisy'. This is a major shift for KLIK, because it puts control over several features right on the KLIK screen, instead of bundling them in the KLIK app alone. And, while you might rightly think that this is really a 'touch-enabled' display feature, it really works well with a mouse or other HID device as well. Let's have a quick look at what this thing is, what it does, and how it works.

Inspired by the flower whose petals contract during the night, and open when the sun rises, The Daisy is always at the ready, hovering over the page inconspicuously in the bottom right corner of the screen. In fact, by default it's in stealth mode, and all you see is a semi-transparent 8-sided orb. Tap (or click) the orb, and out pop the action petals and get to work.

Starting at the one o'clock position, the first petal is the USB back-channel toggle switch, that we call Action. Click once to enable this function and the touch-display (or mouse, wireless remote, keyboard, etc.) will also control the currently streaming PC. Congratulations, you have achieved bi-directional display and control from any Windows or Mac PC, and your shiny new touch display (or standard display).

Next up is an all-new and very exciting feature of the HUB, the Memory petal. If you've ever wanted to capture all of the elements of a screen used in a collaboration event, but found mere screen-shots lacking, welcome to this cool new feature. Now you can capture everything that is displayed during the session, including all streams and annotations. There'll be no 'he-said-she-said' now.

This one deserves (and will get) a whole piece on its own, but for now, welcome to the Amplify petal. This really is a breakthrough feature for affordable screen sharing, as it takes your presentation and streams it live to your YouTube channel. Invite a few colleagues to follow along remotely, or invite the world, you now have the power of the world's biggest video platform at your service.

Meh, you say. Who wants to talk about settings? We clearly do, so let's dig into the Changes petal. Now you have direct access to some of the most common settings that need to be changed from time to time. Settings such as the YouTube channel that you want to stream to, or where you want to save the screen capture session. There are plenty more, but we've got exciting features waiting.

Ah yes, People petal. This is where you select the next user stream that you want to display. So, let's say Megan's screen is in full view, but you want to pull up Gabe's screen and show that side by side with her's, just tap (or click) on this petal and out comes the People Panel (more on that in another piece), you select Gabe's screen and away you go. Power to the People Petal!