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#3 of 10 Top Features of KLIK Boks HUB: Live Streaming to YouTube!

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

KLIK Boks HUB allows you to share your meeting content to YouTube Live.
Stream your content directly to your YouTube channel for users to view live, or offline after the meeting is over.

All KLIK devices offer KLIKStream, the feature that allows meeting participants to view the presentation on their own device. That’s a great feature for large meeting or classrooms, or when you’re seated off-axis to the screen. KLIKStream’s screen capture facility is also a great alternative to copious note-taking, allowing participants to focus on the message, not the notes. But until now, KLIKStream has been confined to users who are on the same network as the KLIK itself. All that changes with the HUB, and the all-new KLIKLive feature.

KLIKLive allows streaming of the presentation, in real time, to a YouTube channel as a live stream, to be viewed from anywhere. Just point HUB to your YouTube channel and authorize the connection, then start the stream with one tap (click) of The Daisy. Use YouTube’s extensive viewing options to restrict who can view the stream, and publicize the event as needed. Once the live stream is complete, YouTube automatically saves the video to your channel, for offline viewing by users, or you can go ahead and delete the video altogether.

We'll be adding more streaming services to the HUB, but for now you can get started on the World's most popular platform immediately!

That's a quick look at the all-new KLIK Boks HUB top-10 features list, with #3, KLIKLive Streaming to YouTube. Watch this space for more as we roll out all of the top-10 and beyond.


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