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#4 of 10 Top Features of KLIK Boks HUB: Visual Moderator Mode

KLIK Boks HUB lets you see all of your connected users' screens as thumbnails.
Tap on the screen (touch displays) and select the user content you want to put up on the screen from the thumbnails.

Moderator Mode puts one person in charge of the screen, allowing users to stream only when they are approved by the moderator. This is a powerful feature that makes it possible to maintain order in busy classrooms, all-hands meetings, and anytime a large number of presenters require rapid-fire access to the shared display screen.

Moderator mode may be activated and managed from the KLIKConnect app, which, in addition to providing control over user access, also allows the moderator to preview the user’s screen, before making it live.

HUB builds on this capability, by bringing the access control and screen previews to the display screen. Designed initially for touch displays, but enabled on any display with a mouse or pointing device, Visual Moderator Mode allows the team leader to keep the focus on the display, while they select and stream users’ content.

Tap on the screen (or click, using a mouse) and the People Panel opens on the KLIK desktop, on either side of the screen. Scroll through the connected users and simply tap on the Play button to make that screen live. With HUB, up to 4 users' screens can be displayed at a time. Whether you're already using a touch-enabled display, or just want to future-proof your technology, The KLIK Boks HUB delivers.

That's a quick look at the all-new KLIK Boks HUB top-10 features list, with #4, Visual Moderator Mode. Watch this space for more as we roll out all of the top-10 and beyond.


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