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#5 of 10 Top Features of KLIK Boks HUB: On-Board Annotation

Mark up up any content from one, two, three, or four presenters at a time, with the annotation tools built into the HUB.
Annotation is a big part of collaboration, and KLIK Boks HUB offers a comprehensive set of tools, right on the device itself.

KLIK has always included annotation and whiteboard capability, allowing presenters to write, draw and type over their content. The KLIKConnect app for Windows and Mac packs an annotation function that supports freehand drawing and highlighting, geometric shapes that can be drawn as outlines or fills, and the ability to type text onto the screen. All of those annotation features, and more, are now part of the HUB itself, and that makes a world of difference for presenters.

The Annotation Toolbar offers Type, Shape, Highlight and Pen tools as well as multiple annotation layers.
HUB includes a full set of Annotation and markup tools, including multiple annotation layers.

Including annotation capability right in the HUB hardware opens collaboration possibilities that fit perfectly with HUB’s multi-screen, multi-user interface. While presenters can still annotate their shared content on their own device using the KLIKConnect app, the composite of their streams may also be annotated right on the big screen. And, while this is especially intuitive on a touch display, it’s also a breeze to use with a mouse.

The annotator is launched through The Daisy, and its toolbar occupies a small area at the bottom of the screen. Simply tap (or click) on any of the tools to make them active, then annotate right over the content. Remember, you can annotate over a single, full-screen share, or over the composite of up to 4 screens at the same time. This is a great feature when you’re comparing content between separate shares.

The Pen tool supports multiple colors and line thickness.

Along the very right side of the toolbar is the Pen tool, which allows the user to select color and line thickness, before drawing. Next to that is the Highlighter, which has both color selection and opacity controls, allowing you to achieve precisely the look you need. Shape and Type tools allow for more structured drawing and typed annotation, with color selection for both. A screen capture button allows for the instantaneous saving of the screen, complete with all annotations.

Create multiple annotation layers for what-if scenarios and more interactive collaboration events.

Perhaps the most ingenious and powerful feature of HUB’s annotator is multi-screen annotation. This feature allows the user to add new annotation pages, with the ability to go back to previous annotations at any time. Tap (or click) on the Page icon and you get an all-new canvas to write on. Use the arrow keys to go back and forth between separate annotation pages at any time. This powerful feature allows for brainstorming sessions, what-if scenarios, and a multitude of collaboration options.

HUB includes a Whiteboard feature that can also be a Blackboard, or one of several different colors and patterns.

Choose from a variety of background colors and patterns in addition to the whiteboard.

While HUB’s annotation features have been bolstered, we haven’t forgotten about the whiteboard. Actually, it’s now more than a whiteboard, it’s a blackboard, yellow-board, green-board; you get the picture. Select the background color from a palette that includes lined paper and graph paper among its selections. Plus, the multi-screen feature also includes the whiteboard, so draw freely, knowing that you’ve got plenty of room to get your ideas down on the screen.

Powerful annotation and white-boarding, now built right into the KLIK Boks HUB. Spectacular on touch displays, incredible on any display. Just another way the HUB fosters collaboration by putting powerful and intuitive tools in the hands of the presenter or moderator.

That's a quick look at the all-new KLIK Boks HUB top-10 features list, with #5, On-Board Annotation. Watch this space for more as we roll out all of the top-10 and beyond.


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