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#7 of 10 Top Features of KLIK Boks HUB: Guest Hotspot Mode

Set up a wireless guest connection with KLIK Boks HUB.
With its own Wi-Fi Hotspot capability, HUB accommodates guests users easily.

In many applications, the KLIK is connected to the wired network, and accessible by users who are already authenticated to that network. That’s the case in most corporate environments, schools and other institutional applications. And, while the KLIK is available for staff, it may not be for Guests, and others who are not connected to the secure network. KLIK Boks HUB solves this dilemma, with its wireless hotspot capability.

HUB can be connected to the LAN using the Ethernet port, while simultaneously acting as a wireless access point for Guests to connect directly to the device. This allows everyone to have access to the collaboration features of the KLIK, without complicated network configuration, or the addition of hardware. Simply deploy the KLIK Boks HUB across the LAN and allow anyone to connect and share content, while keeping the secure network completely isolated from the WLAN.

It takes only seconds to turn this feature on and off, making it an ideal accommodation for guests. Setup is also fast and easy, plus you can set a password unique to the hotspot, without sharing WLAN passwords. The KLIK remains securely connected to your network, while the hotspot serves the needs of infrequent guests with a quick and easy connection method that works with the KLIKConnect app, Apple’s AirPlay and Miracast as well.

That's a quick look at the all-new KLIK Boks HUB top-10 features list, with #7, Guest Hotspot Mode. Watch this space for more as we roll out all of the top-10 and beyond.


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