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"All in One Box? The Benefits of Advanced Collaboration Tools and Shopping Around for the Best Solution."

Collaboration tools are seemingly everywhere today and unsurprisingly, all claim to be the BEST!

On the one side you have all the majors, taking a supermarket approach to AV collaboration tools. On the other are the startups, with lots of flash, betting the farm on their first-ever product. How to choose without stepping into quicksand?

Here's something to consider about KLIK.

Only KLIK has taken a holistic view of collaboration solutions (and we aim to prove it). If the purpose of digital collaboration systems is to bring people together to exchange ideas and discuss options, then they must accept input from all stakeholders and reach all constituents.

KLIK accommodates all digital content sources, live video feeds and user-generated content, then delivers it in any combination, to anyone, anywhere in the world.

You know the "competitors" as well as we do; Solstice, ClickShare, VIA, Airtame, ScreenBeam...

Only KLIK captures content from every source; hardware, software, video, microscopes, game consoles, industrial controllers, everything! Only KLIK allows sharing to any display in the room, the building, the campus or the world, including directly to the audience--on their own device!

And yet, KLIK offers a 5-Year Warranty, Free Updates & Feature Additions (NO SUBSCRIPTIONS), all at one affordable price.

So yeah, it pays to shop around. Maybe sit through a quick online demo and see first-hand how KLIK works. Learn about the company and their deep roots in professional AV, with over 130 products launched and 12 patents granted.

Hope to see you soon for a more detailed explanation of our products built around facts.

The KLIK Value Proposition - Smarter products for smart people.


About KLIKBoks, Inc.

KLIKBoks, Inc. develops disruptive collaboration technologies that boost productivity, enhance teamwork, and enrich the learning experience. Their KLIK and KLIKBoks product lines offer innovative, easy-to-use solutions for seamless hybrid collaboration in meeting rooms, huddle spaces, classrooms, and event spaces. KLIKBoks, Inc. is headquartered in Seattle, WA (


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