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Four Times When Aiming For "Good Enough" Is A Great Productivity Strategy

[Photo: Parker Byrd via Unsplash]

"Sometimes one option isn't any better than the other. You just need to commit to one and move on."

Of course, we all want to do our very best work. But is there a difference between simply striving for solid quality and obsessing so much over every last detail that it becomes completely counterproductive? To put it simply: yes—a big difference.

While I never want to be the one to discourage you from putting your all into something (hey, your dedication is admirable!), there are a few specific instances when it’s acceptable to stop chasing absolute perfection.

"Uh, like when?" is likely the question you’re asking yourself now. Well, here are four times you have permission to stop fixating and just settle for plain ol’ good enough. Read the rest of the article here...


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