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How to Make the Most of EdTech Exhibitions: Lessons from the DSLive Event.

Jodie Lopez (LinkedIn) "The Edtech Ninja" representing educators' needs, ahead of technology for technology's sake at DSLive 2024.

Trade shows? Who needs yet another trade show? Those are very likely some of the questions potential attendees may have asked themselves in advance of DS Live 2024. After all, didn't the pandemic teach us that life can indeed go on without them? "I can learn all I need about the products online" may be the refrain. It's hard to imagine anyone in attendance saying that now.

Douglas Stewart is one of the leading providers of classroom technology across the UK, supplying educators with the hardware and software they need to deliver better education outcomes. As representatives of multiple brands (KLIK is one of them), they are at the very epicenter of what's new and hot in education. One of the ways Douglas Stewart inform their partners and customers of these innovations is through regional events and trade shows.

And that's exactly what we expected of the event held in Birmingham this past 16th of May.

Charlotte Pattenden delivering insights into Assistive Technology in the classroom at DS Live 2024.
Charlotte Pearson delivering insights into Assistive Technology in the classroom at DS Live 2024.

Out with the old, and in with the new! That pretty much summarizes the sentiment not only from our own team in attendance, but pretty much all of the participants we've spoken with. This was not your uncle's 'old-skool' trade event, with vendors scrambling for business cards between sips of coffee and all-too-many pastries. In fact, we'd go as far as to say that this event has set the standard for how such events will be conducted going forward.

Key to the success of DS Live 2024 was the flipped format. Instead of vendors preaching features and benefits to the education community, they were listening to experts from that community speak about their needs. And while that sounds elementary to the reader, it is actually quite radical and innovative in practice.

In stark contrast to the traditional approach of lining the walls with vendors and hoping for the best, Scott Richardson (Douglas Stewart MD) and his team curated a program combining presentations from subject-matter experts with interactive roundtables, all aimed at raising awareness on issues salient to education. The results were quite remarkable. Everyone left with something new, something we could apply immediately in service to our clients in education.


Kudos to the team that took a chance, broke the mold and set a new standard.


To learn more about the event itself and Douglas Stewart as a whole, please visit As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to sharing our insights on how technology can contribute to better educational outcomes, reduced teacher workloads and value for all stakeholders.

Just some of the attendees at DS Live 2024 in Birmingham.
Douglas Stewart turns the table on the traditional trade show with educational content.

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