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Introducing KLIK Boks KNKT - the universal HDMI sender that adds any video source to the KLIK wirele

KLIK Boks KNKT connects any HDMI source to KLIK

The benefits of a Hybrid wireless presentation system are well documented; no hardware required by the client, an intuitive user experience and extensive connection management options. The combination of a software encoder running natively on the client device with a purpose-built decoder appliance at the display, renders an extremely powerful system that delivers unmatched value. But what if the client isn't a PC or mobile device, how do they get connected to the system?

That's the very scenario that drove the development of the KLIK Boks KNKT; giving KLIK system users the option to connect any HDMI device to the wireless presentation system, well, wirelessly. Measuring less than 3 inches (70mm) square, KNKT is small enough to be passed around a meeting room as needed to connect to a user's device. Powered by USB, KNKT streams full-HD video from Blu-ray players, Document cameras, PCs or any other device fitted with an HDMI output.

One of the biggest benefits of KNKT is revealed in a classroom environment where educators need to switch between student laptops and other video sources such as document cameras. KNKT integrates fully into KLIK Conference Mode, allowing selection by the system moderator. This allows the educator to preview content from students' PCs and from the KNKT, before sending it to the screen. They can even use the hand-held remote to select sources, making KLIK the easiest system to use.

"KNKT offers our community of users yet another way to connect all of their devices to the KLIK ecosystem," states company founder & CEO Costa Lakoumentas. "KLIK delivers the many benefits of a Hybrid wireless presentation system with the simplicity and immediacy of a Hardware system; and flexibility unmatched by either." The KNKT is available for pre-order immediately and is expected in US and EU warehouses by August 1, 2018.


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