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ISE 2018 Post-Show Recap

Every year, thousands of professionals converge on Amsterdam' RAI exhibition center to participate in the world's largest exposition of Audio Visual, Communications and Smart Building technologies. This year was no exception as a record-breaking 80k+ attendees jammed the halls to explore, learn and discover all that was new and exciting.

Marking our first year of attendance with KLIK, we were staggered with not only the number of inquiries we received, but also with the credentials of those in attendance. ISE draws the crème de la crème of AV and IT professionals from all over the world and they mean business, getting right to the point and asking the tough questions.

What better place then to launch three major initiatives from KLIK? First, we officially launched the KLIK Boks PRO platform, with production units that are in stock and shipping now! Two years in the making, PRO brings a suite of features and performance to the wireless presentation field that are truly unmatched.

Second, we introduced a completely new user interface, across all models that dramatically increases usability and user experience. The new interface includes more neutral graphics, simplified instructions and for the first time, user-changeable background graphics. Now, customizing KLIK displays is easy and fast.

The third major initiative that we launched got less attention, mostly because it was some under-the-hood changes. As of ISE, all KLIK models now have their own version of firmware. Firmware is the code that runs on the KLIK Boks to support the feature set, and now there are different versions, optimized for each model.


A major evolution of the KLIK Boks platform, the PRO packs a new, more powerful processor and expanded memory, to support many new features. Running version 4 firmware, the PRO includes all system-wide enhancements such as the new, customizable standby screens, support for Chrome OS devices and remote firmware upgrades.

In addition, the PRO comes with what we call “Always On” mode, meaning that the unit powers on automatically when connected to a power source. This is a much-asked-for feature, especially from integrators who were installing the KLIK on video projectors hanging from the ceiling. It’s also very handy when the KLIK is powered from a USB port on the display, ensuring that the unit turns on with the display.

One of the most impressive new features of the PRO is the included REMOTE. Without a doubt it was the highlight of our demos at ISE, especially when we used it to switch between presenters in Conference Mode. This is an industry exclusive and allows a moderator to select and enable streaming between computers in under 8 seconds, without using a computer! Truly impressive stuff.

The most distinctive feature of the PRO is the remote management server, which allows configuration, maintenance and updates to be performed remotely. System admins can log into the KLIK and review all settings from a new status panel, then make any configuration changes or firmware updates, all from their console. While this feature is especially crucial in schools and enterprise installations, it’s also super-cool to use even with only one unit.

While we don’t like to talk too much about “upcoming” features, we did demonstrate a couple of new features that will be added to the PRO over the next few months. First, the Live View feature will allow users to see what’s on the KLIK Boks PRO, right in their own browser window. This will give everyone connected to that KLIK a close-up view of the presentation, along with the ability to take screen captures. It will also allow admins to log into the KLIK and see exactly what’s being displayed, as part of their troubleshooting routine.

Another important new feature that will debut on the PRO in April is executable KLIK Knkt software, right from the PRO. Users of Win/Mac computers will be able to run the app right from the PRO, without any software download or installation. Just enter the KLIK Boks PRO’s IP address in a browser window, and then click on the app icon. This new app will also be made available as a run-time for use on a USB flash drive for those who can’t or don’t want to install anything on their computers.

One final feature that’s scheduled for Q2 release is a screen-show utility that allows

for a slide-show style presentation to play in a loop when the unit is in standby mode. This is great for applications where you want to display important information, operating instructions or any other details to users who can see the display; sort of like a mini digital signage feature.

Did I mention that the KLIK Boks PRO retails for $499?


The PLUS sits right in the middle of the range, between the PRO and CLASSIC, and is differentiated by two major features; the remote and remote management. PLUS has all of the features of CLASSIC, plus it includes the REMOTE, for even faster access to Conference Mode and the Media Player. However, it doesn’t include the Remote Maintenance feature of the PRO.

If you want the REMOTE but don’t need Remote Maintenance, then choose the PLUS.

Which brings us to one of KLIK’s most powerful yet under-appreciated features—the Media Player. KLIK has the ability to play video, audio and image files, in full HD and 24-bit audio. Those files can be on a flash drive that plugs into the KLIK or from the network, on media servers or UPNP devices. While the media player is powerful, using it with the old web control interface was not very user-friendly. The REMOTE changes all of that, putting complete control of the player in your hand. It really is amazing what you can do with this new REMOTE.

KLIK Boks PLUS now runs its own version of firmware (currently, optimized for the processor and included features. Watch for more new features t be added in Q2 as we roll out even more functionality at KLIK Boks PLUS’ $399 retail price.


The venerable model that started it all, now called the CLASSIC, also had plenty to

show off at ISE. With the new version 2.1 firmware, CLASSIC gets an all-new user interface, Chrome OS support, and more. The $299 CLASSIC is the most capable, professional streaming solution available at 60-70% below the cost of any competitor. With the PLUS and PRO getting much of the attention, it’s worthwhile to circle back and refresh our memory about what’s included with the CLASSIC.

KLIK works with Chromebooks.

For starters, CLASSIC supports Window, Mac, iOS and Android devices, natively. That means you don’t need to install an app on your device. Just use the built-in screen-sharing utility and you’re streaming your screen. Even Chromebooks are supported, although they need to install our extension. The point is, KLIK is universal.

With version 2.1 CLASSIC also receives a feature that many of our users have been asking for; local software download. For systems being used in Password or Managed-Access modes, users can now download the KLIK Knkt software app for Windows or Mac, right from the CLASSIC. No need to locate the USB flash drive or go online to download, the app is available right from the KLIK Boks.

CLASSIC also allows users to share a presentation remote; or a keyboard and mouse. Just plug in any HID compatible device to the USB port and that device is shared, automatically, between the computers that are presenting. For example, The wireless presentation remote is controlling Bob’s Surface Pro, but when Wendy starts sharing her screen from the MacBook, the remote now controls here computer. Magic.

Read more about the new firmware for CLASSIC here.


On top of that, Amsterdam was typically cold and even teased some snow on the last day of ISE. In all, and incredible experience for KLIK and we are certain most all attendees and exhibitors. We made a lot of new friends and started several new business relationships, all while doing what we love, showing off new products and technologies that make for better collaboration outcomes.

Thanks for being part of the KLIK Team.


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