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KLIK Boks CLASSIC receives a Significant Free Upgrade with Version 2.1 Firmware.

Since its launch in early 2016 the KLIK Boks CLASSIC has continued to evolve, through consistent firmware updates. Firmware is the “operating system” that powers the KLIK Boks, much as Windows and Mac OSX power computers. And, just like those operating systems, KLIK firmware continues to evolve, adding new features and performance improvements.

With the launch of Version firmware, the CLASSIC gets a huge upgrade in features, usability and performance, making it the undisputed leader in affordable wireless screen sharing. The best part is that this update is completely free and takes only a few minutes to install. Here’s what’s new in version

Chrome OS devices can now stream to KLIK

Chrome OS Support

Users of Chromebook computers can now be used with the KLIK Boks CLASSIC, allowing users to share an app, a browser tab or even their whole screen, wirelessly. Just add the free KLIK Knkt extension from the Chrome app store and start using the Chromebook, with full password access and even Conference Mode.

New Standby Screens

All-new Desktop for KLIK Boks CLASSIC

Completely retooled, the standby screens for both user mode and conference mode are simpler than ever to navigate and far more pleasing to look at. The information panel now guides the user to the right network connection, the IP address and the KLIK Boks name, in a compact easy-to-read guide.

Custom Screens

Now you can customize the KLIK Boks CLASSIC desktop standby screens with your own images, logos and graphics. Just use our templates and personalize the look of your KLIK Boks to reflect your organization’s branding. You can even add instructions or other text to the screens.

KLIK Boks CLASSIC Status Panel

Status Panel

Log on to the KLIK Boks CLASSIC remotely and see all of the important network settings in one place, right in your browser. Confirm firmware version, device name, wireless settings and network addresses, without leaving your desk.

Download KLIK Knkt apps right from the KLIK Boks CLASSIC

Local Download of KLIK Knkt Software

Users no longer need to download KLIK software from the KLIK website, or chase down a USB drive for installation. Just connect to the KLIK Boks and download Windows or Mac software directly from the KLIK. Enjoy password access, conference mode and the annotator, with KLIK Knkt software apps.

New, streamlined configuration and setup interface

New Configuration Interface

System setup is now easier than ever, with the new configuration interface. A new graphical user interface brings simplicity, power and speed to the setup process. Cleaner, more intuitive graphics let you get set up in minutes.

Version firmware is compatible with all existing KLIK Boks CLASSIC models, and is available for immediate download from the KLIK website. Installation instructions and links to the firmware can be found here: KLIK Boks Firmware Updates.


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