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KLIK Boks Integration Manual now available for download.

Everything you wanted to know about the KLIK Boks wireless presentation connector, and much, much, more is now available for download in the KLIK Boks Integration Manual. This hefty PDF covers all the bases, from stand-alone applications without networking to integration with wired and wireless networks, so the whole organization can share the KLIK Boks.

Learn how to integrate KLIK with either VGA or HDMI displays—even those that don’t support EDID—by accessing KLIK’s video configuration menus. You can even over-ride KLIK’s automated lip-sync capability for applications where you need up to +/-500 msec. of audio delay. Simplicity of operation with advanced configurability is what makes KLIK the ideal choice for any installation, large or small.

Get the Integration Manual and see how KLIK can increase meeting productivity up to 20% by taking care of the technology, while you take care of business. Download Now.


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