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Greg Stein interviews KLIK Founder & CEO, Costa Lakoumentas

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

He's an award-winning CEO, multi-instrumentalist, Music and CE Industry legend running a multi-faceted startup incubation and growth company, and he still has time to do podcasts? Yes, Gregg Stein, Founder & CEO of Triple G Ventures invites KLIK Founder & CEO Costa Lakoumentas to share experiences and prognostications across a range topics from Consumer Electronics to the future of energy. Join us for an entertaining and hopefully valuable conversation.


About KLIKBoks, Inc.

KLIKBoks was founded to solve the problem of how people share content in meetings, classes and conferences. From the company’s early KLIKBoks™ and KLIKStik™ wireless collaboration devices to the breakthrough patented technology found in the KORE™, KLIKBoks is still dedicated to fostering frictionless collaboration between people.

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