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KLIK hits key milestone with Version 2.0 Upgrade

In the year since its launch, KLIK has effectively upended the market for wireless presentation streaming. Packing a dedicated System-on-a-Chip (SoC) from technology powerhouse Realtek, KLIK delivers full-HD streaming and a host of high-end features at the absolute lowest cost in the category. With the launch of the Version 2.0 software suite, KLIK moves a giant step forward in capability and compatibility.

Version 2.0 Firmware

The 2.0 suite is grounded by new firmware that installs on the KLIK Boks itself. A free download, users need only to

copy the file to a thumb drive, then start the upgrade right on the KLIK Boks. Within 30 seconds the KLIK will reboot

and display an all-new standby screen. Designed with feedback from users, the standby screen presents more subtle graphics and the Conference Mode display now sports a multi-function QR code for direct access to KLIK’s mobile apps.

Under the hood, V2.0 adds two significant features, again based on customer and partner feedback. AirPlay is now supported on KLIK, allowing full screen mirroring from iOS devices that include iPod, iPhone and iPad. Stream content with full DRM support or simply mirror the device screen to present content from any app running on the device. AirPlay support also means that computers running Mac OSX can screen-share without the KLIK app, making it even easier to accommodate guests into a presentation environment.

Windows users are also rewarded with KLIK’s addition of peer-to-peer screen sharing using the Miracast standard from the Wi-Fi Alliance. Built-in to every version of Windows since 8.1, the screen-sharing utility allows full mirroring of a user’s desktop right to the KLIK Boks, without need for the KLIK app on the host machine. No special software or configuration is needed to support this function and it can be easily switched off should the application dictate.

KLIK Knkt for Mac & Windows

The KLIK Knkt apps for Mac & Windows also receive a major update with the release of Version 2.0. Key among the

new features is the ability to connect to a KLIK Boks by entering the device’s IP address, instead of selecting it by name. For network administrators looking to add wireless presentation streaming without the use of Discovery, connection by IP address is an ideal solution. Users can still share the KLIK Boks while maintaining access to all current network resources and the Internet, without compromising security.

Connect to KLIK by IP Address or by Name

KLIK Knkt for Mac and Windows retain their simplicity of use with the intuitive media player interface that can initiate, pause and stop a streaming session, as well as the tightly-integrated screen annotation and whiteboard app. Class-leading EDID ensures a zero-configuration installation with plenty of manual control to override settings as needed, while Conference Mode allows an administrator to moderate presentations among connected clients.

KLIK Knkt for iOS

The new Knkt for iOS app gets the connect by IP feature that has been added to the desktop apps, allowing a user to connect with a KLIK Boks over a network that has discovery switched off. This is a particularly welcome feature for iOS users who have experienced an inability to connect with any streaming device across a corporate network, including the Apple TV device. Knkt for iOS includes access to Dropbox files as well as the ability to display 14 different file types, all from within the app.

KLIK Knkt for Android

KLIK Knkt for Android V2.0

A whole new app for Android, KLIK Knkt replaces the earlier KLIK Mirror app, with significant new features. First, the new app does not rely on native Miracast support by the target smartphone or tablet, opening up streaming to a vast array of users. Full screen mirroring allows the user to display any app or other content subject to DRM protection. The new app also adds the connect by IP address feature, allowing connection to the KLIK Boks even on networks without discovery enabled.

With the launch of Version 2.0, KLIK Boks take center-stage as the most powerful, flexible and comprehensive screen-sharing solution for business, education and industry. At the same time, KLIK’s breakthrough price makes the device affordable for use in every office, classroom or meeting space, bringing truly wireless collaboration to everyone.


KLIK Version 2.0 Firmware, Windows and Mac Software are available for direct download from the company’s website ( Apps for Android and iOS devices are available from the Google Play store and Apple App store respectively under the name KLIK Knkt. All apps and firmware are free of charge for all users.


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