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KLIK is ready, with Always On mode!

There are applications where you want the KLIK Boks to remain powered on as long as there is power available. More importantly, you want the KLIK to turn on automatically when power is restored. Welcome to Always On mode; a new option for the KLIK Boks wireless presentation connector.

Available by special order, Always On is a factory configuration that powers on the KLIK as soon as power is applied. No more hunting for the power button, this mode is ideal for applications where the KLIK is mounted to a ceiling projector, behind a large display or inside a cabinet. Add the KLIK to the central power system and rest assured that it will be up and running as soon the power is switched on.

Always On mode is available by special order only; simply specify “Always On” in the notes field when placing an order online or ask your local dealer when ordering.


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