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KLIK Knkt for Windows now supports Enterprise-level Security!

Deploying the KLIK wireless presentation connector across managed Windows users just got a whole lot easier with the latest version of the KLIK Knkt app for Windows. Now users running Windows no longer require local administrator rights to run KLIK Knkt, meaning that IT administrators can implement security protocols in line with best practices for enterprise.

“While our SMB users have been thrilled with the simplicity of the Knkt app, we heard the call from IT administrators for tighter security in Windows environments. This new version of KLIK Knkt for Windows allows users to share their screen, run administrator mode and use the Annotator function, all without local admin rights” states company founder and CEO Costa Lakoumentas.

Windows users are being advised to upgrade to KLIK available from the company’s website at and perform a clean install to start enjoying the benefits of the new build.


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