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KLIK launches new models, new software and new firmware at ISE Amsterdam; upgrades family of Wireles

The promise of wireless presentation systems has always been convenience, efficiency and savings of both time and money. As many users have found out however, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the needs of the many different organizations and venues that host regular meetings and presentations. A classroom requires moderated access to the screen, small business demands fast access, with no need to install an application; the variations go on and on.

At KLIK we have one goal—the democratization of wireless presentation systems. That means we have to make our products truly universal, adaptable and affordable enough to be attached to any screen, anywhere, in any venue. What started with the KLIK Boks CLASSIC, is now a product family of three wireless presentation systems, with the power and flexibility to meet the needs of any application.


KLIK Boks User Interface Screen

The most affordable model in the KLIK Boks lineup, gets a whole new look and support for Chromebooks. The all-new standby screens present a more refined and intuitive interface to users and now easily customizable, for even better integration into the users’ environment. Plus, with Chrome support, the KLIK Boks CLASSIC is the most affordable multi-platform solution available for education or any other environment supporting Chromebook use.


Shipping now is the all-new PLUS model, that builds on the original CLASSIC with

two very important new features. First, the PLUS includes a multi-function remote control; a first for the wireless presentation system category. The remote brings a whole new level of functionality to wireless presentations by allowing a moderator to select presenters just like changing the channel on a television. No other system offers the intuitive ease of operation without the need for any additional hardware or a computer.

The PLUS also gets an upgraded wireless radio and external Wi-Fi antennas for even greater wireless range. KLIK’s built-in Wi-Fi does double duty by allowing users to connect directly to the Boks in virtual access point mode. This is a great option for stand-alone applications where network and security concerns mandate completely independent systems. It also allows KLIK to join an existing wireless network to support a display that doesn’t already have an Ethernet drop going to it.


With the advent of the PRO, KLIK moves solidly into the large-scale, enterprise and

education segment, with a class-leading solution. The PRO model includes all of the hardware and software features of the CLASSIC and PLUS models, including support for Win/Mac/iOS/Android/Chrome clients, with or without the installation of an app. Hosed in a rugged metal enclosure, the PRO also includes external, detachable antennas that make it ideal for rack-mounted installations.

What sets the PRO apart though is its Remote Management capability; an all-new feature for any KLIK model. System administrators can now monitor, set up and manage all settings remotely, right from a central console. A new OTA firmware update feature allows admins to automatically push updates to the PRO, with the ability to select local files or use a central server. Deploying and managing hundreds of KLIK Boks PRO models is now integrated with Sys Admin workflows.

New Features in all models

Each KLIK Boks model has a designated firmware version that powers its feature set and delivers its functionality. Owing to differences in hardware, each model has its own firmware version, with some feature differences. Here’s a rundown of all of the new features that are being rolled out with firmware versions for CLASSIC (, PLUS ( and PRO (

  • All-new user interface graphics—standby screens have a sleek new look with simplified operating instructions.

  • Custom standby screens—now you can easily customize the standby screen with your organization’s logo, image or other graphics.

  • Chrome support—All KLIK Boks models now support Chrome OS devices, aka Chromebooks.

All KLIK Boks models will be on display at the ISE 2018 show in Amsterdam, NL during the week of 6-9 February. Company representatives will be on hand to demonstrate the many features of the KLIK Boks family and to explain in greater detail how KLIK is Your Wireless Presentation Connector!

See KLIK in Hall 8, at stand 8R320 during ISE 2018 at RAI Amsterdam, 06-09 February.


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