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KLIK makes its Canadian debut in Vancouver!

The KLIK Boks Wireless Presentation Connector made its official debut in Canada today at a dealer event hosted by PAG Canada, the product’s national sales representatives. The all-day event featured live demonstrations of the KLIK Boks streaming media and presentations from Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices using Wi-Fi. Attendees were treated to fluid demonstrations with a variety of devices and enjoyed one-on-one sessions with KLIK’s Senior Product Manager, Ted Colettis.

“I am thrilled to be working with the team at PAG once again,” commented KLIK Communications founder and CEO, Costa Lakoumentas. “KLIK is a forward-thinking product that needs visionaries like Mark (Kulas) and John (Macarthur) to properly represent it in the Canadian market—we’re already seeing the benefits of teaming up with them on the KLIK rollout.”

The KLIK Boks is a wireless presentation connector that allows users to display the screen of their computer, tablet or smartphone on a large screen or projector, using Wi-Fi. Aimed at both education and business, KLIK Boks saves time, frustration and cost by keeping meetings flowing without the complexity, disruption and chaos that takes place when switching between presenters.

At a street price of $349 in Canada ($249 in the US), the KLIK Boks is an affordable option for wireless connectivity that can be added to any display screen or video projector. Dealer inquiries are being handled by PAG Canada and the product is available for fulfillment direct to dealers from KLIK’s Canadian distribution facility.


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