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KLIK Unleashes Android on Amsterdam!

As the city known for its narrow houses and canals prepares for the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2016 show and exhibition, KLIK rolls out the latest enhancement to its KLIK Boks Wireless Presentation Connector. The new KLIK Mirror for Android app is now on Google Play as a free download. Compatible with over 5,000 different models of smartphone and tablet, KLIK Mirror makes sharing a mobile device's screen easier than ever.

"KLIK already supports Android devices natively, but our new KLIK Mirror app makes connecting as simple as one click," states KLIK Communications founder and CEO Costa Lakoumentas. Aimed at corporate, education and conference applications, KLIK Boks allows users to display the contents of their computer, tablet or smartphone on a display screen or projector using Wi-Fi.

European distributor FACE bvba will be showcasing the KLIK Boks Wireless Presentation Connector at ISE2016 in Hall 7, stand V210 between 9 - 12 February. Hands-on demonstrations will allow visitors to experience the KLIK Boks for the first time in Europe. A daily raffle will be held and the lucky winner will get a KLIK Boks of their own to take home with them. For more information on the KLIK Boks check out the company's website at


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