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KLIK’s new Wallpaper Management feature is a Powerful addition to the KLIK Boks PRO wireless present

Customize the Look of Your KLIK with New Wallpaper

Between presentations, KLIK displays a Standby Screen that is intended to offer users connection information, access to help and something to look at, other than a blank screen. The new wallpaper management feature in the KLIK Manager app now lets anyone change wallpaper quickly and easily, with its built-in photo editing capabilities.

KLIK's Default Wallpaper Image

First, a little background. KLIK uses what we call “Standby Screens” to present a static image between streaming sessions. The system uses 4 separate screens, displayed depending on the current state of the KLIK, and all screens share the same background image, or wallpaper. KLIK ships with our signature, stylized trapezoid wallpaper but allows its replacement with any image or graphic.

Open KLIK Manager and select the KLIK that you want to modify. Click on “Change Wallpaper” to launch the Wallpaper Manager; this is the control panel where you can make changes to KLIK wallpaper.

Select the KLIK Boks PRO that you want to change the wallpaper on.

There are three primary functions in the wallpaper manager window; Current Wallpaper View, Selection of new wallpaper image file from the user's PC, and a selection of alternate wallpapers supplied with KLIK Manager.

View current wallpaper, then select from supplied images or choose a new image from a local source.

The wallpaper management window displays the current wallpaper image on the left, along with several means of selecting a new image. Users can select from number of stock images that are shown on the right, or select other images stored on the PC.

Either click to open the file explorer or simply drag and drop a suitable image file to load it. Image files may be in PNG or JPG format, and at least 1280 x 720 pixels in size.

Use the image cropping tool to resize and select the area of the image that will be displayed. Simply drag the corner of the crop tool to resize, then move the window over the area of the image that you want to capture. Simply click "Crop" when done, to commit the selection to the wallpaper manager.

Once the image is cropped and selected, Manager will display thumbnails of all four Standby Screens. Just click on any of these thumbnails to zoom into the images and see more clearly what the screens will look like.

Click on apply to send the new images to the KLIK and force a restart. The new Standby screens will load once the unit has restarted.

That's it, KLIK has now been updated with the image of your choice. With the speed and simplicity of the new wallpaper management feature, admins can easily update the look of the standby screen to better reflect branding, convey timely information and even apply seasonal themes.

KLIK Manager is available in versions for Windows, Mac and Linux, directly from the KLIK Online Store.

Find out more at klikboks.com/klik-manager

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