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KLIKBoks HUB now supports Google Cast, bringing effortless wireless screen-sharing to Billions.

KLIKBoks HUB is already the most accessible way to share, stream and record meeting content and with Google Cast support it’s even easier to share your screen.

Wireless screen sharing is one thing, but split-screen, quad display screen sharing from every device imaginable, all at the same time, has been elusive—until now. Introducing Google Cast support for HUB. The universal, browser-based wireless streaming protocol from Google is now supported on every KLIKBoks HUB with the free firmware update out now.

Now, you can mix Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebook devices together in one environment and share their screens at the same time using HUB. Split-screen content from iOS, Google Cast and the KLIKConnect app at the same time? Sure. Android too? Yep. Live-stream that content to remote sites through Facebook Live or YouTube? Of course.

Existing HUB owners can start enjoying the power and ease of Google Cast immediately by simply accepting the software update. In minutes you’ll be casting content from browser tabs, applications or even your entire desktop right to the HUB.

Remember, only KLIKBoks HUB allows simultaneous screen sharing from all of these devices to the same screen at the same time. Universal wireless screen sharing has arrived and it’s only from KLIK!


About KLIKBoks

KLIKBoks is an engineering-driven startup with a mission to create technologies that enhance the way people collaborate in offices, classrooms, meeting spaces and anywhere else ideas are exchanged. Founded in the Seattle area in 2015, the company builds the KLIK Boks line of wireless presentation systems, sold by a network of dealers, integrators and distribution partners in the US, Canada, and over 20 countries worldwide. Visit


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