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KLIKConnect Version 3.0 - A Higher State of Wireless Connectivity.

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

The new KLIKConnect app for Windows and Mac brings many enhancements and improvements, including a unified discovery panel for finding and connecting to KLIK devices and Wi-Fi.
The latest version of the KLIKConnect app makes it even easier and more intuitive to share your screen, manage users, and share files, using any KLIK device, from the Stik, right up to the HUB.

Seasoned users of KLIK wireless presentation systems will tell you that one of their favorite aspects of the system is its ease of use. That's in large part because of the KLIK app for Windows and Mac, that's called KLIKConnect. We designed KLIKConnect to make operation easy and intuitive to use, while still packing in all of the needed features. Now, with the release of Version 3.0, we're taking KLIKConnect to another level in collaboration.

KLIKConnect Discovery Panel makes it easy to get connected to KLIK.

Let's start with what you'll see immediately when you first launch the app; an all-new look. A major improvement in usability comes from an all-new user interface, with new and modern graphics. Look closer though, and you'll see that the discovery panel now finds not only KLIK devices, but also discovers available Wi-Fi access points. Now, you don't have to wonder if you've connected to the right AP to use the KLIK, because the same panel allows you to immediately switch access points as needed.

An all-new player brings a familiar look, but packs several new features aimed at boosting productivity and making it even easier to share content.

First, the FileShare utility allows users to quickly and easily share files with others with a simple drag and drop interface. The person sharing can choose to share with one, multiple or all users, then selected users can simply download and open those files immediately. No uploads to cloud servers, no passwords, just instant file sharing with just one KLIK.

The KLIKStream feature allows anyone in the audience to view the presentation right on their own device, and even allows for screen capture, eliminating tedious note-taking. Well, access to the KLIKStream feature just got a lot easier, with the KLIKStream button right on the player. One click takes opens your browser and takes you directly to the shared content screen, so you can concentrate on the presentation, not trying to copy down everything you see on the screen. Bliss.

KLIK Annotation is a staple of the KLIKConnect app, and version 3.0 brings several enhancements and improvements. Now you can draw freehand over the screen’s contents, or switch to Sketch mode and a virtual whiteboard. Tap on the toolbar to change pen color and line width, or select geometric shapes to better make your point. Plus, you can save all annotations and whiteboards for distribution to attendees (remember that file-sharing feature?) instantly.

With all the new features it’s easy to overlook some of the core functionality of the KLIKConnect app, and why it’s the perfect companion for any KLIK wireless screen sharing device. One of those features is connection management, or the ability to restrict access to the screen as needed. KLIK offers Password Access, where users must enter a password shown on the screen before they can connect. KLIKConnect also offers Moderator Mode, where a moderator (Teacher, Meeting Host, etc.) can preview a user’s content, then push it to the screen.

KLIKConnect for Windows and Mac is available now from the Downloads page, and as with all of our software apps, KLIKConnect is free to download and free to use.


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