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Mastering Wireless Presentation Systems - Free Seminars coming to Upstate NY October 16th and 17th

Learn all about wireless screen sharing and how it's changing the way people collaborate, from the boardroom to the classroom.

Five years ago, “wireless presentation systems” wasn’t a product category most even knew existed. Today, it is one of the hottest new categories in AV! These seminars will cover the three different architectures of wireless presentation systems and explore their features, benefits and considerations for deployment.

Here's what to expect from these sessions:

Seminar Presentations start at 2:00 pm both days:

  • How the technology of screen sharing works.

  • Different system architectures and their benefits.

  • Planning, provisions and deployment; what you need to know.

  • Get a free digital copy of the whitepaper

Doors open at 9:00 am for hands-on demonstrations:

  • See the full range of KLIK wireless presentation systems in use.

  • Discuss specific applications and challenges with system engineers.

  • See the all-new KLIK Manager CMS in action.

We'll be serving Breakfast and Lunch, plus refreshments all day long, and admission is Free. Please register now to secure your place at these exciting events!

Register for the Fairport, NY session by clicking here.

Register for the Verona, NY session by clicking here.

Thanks, The KLIK Team


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