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Mastering Wireless Presentation Systems - Part 1, in the May issue of Sound & Communications.

From obscure curiosity a mere 3 years ago, to one of the hottest product categories in pro AV, wireless presentation systems are garnering lots of attention from specifiers, integrators and users alike. But what makes these things tick? How do they work? How does one compare past the hype and marketing glitz?

Start by reading the definitive first article in this two-part series on wireless presentation systems; How They Work. KLIK founder and CEO Costa Lakoumentas dissects the range of products currently on offer to reveal the three underlying architectures that underpin them all. Entirely brand-agnostic, this report lays out the facts in terminology that's easy to assimilate for users and integrators alike.

Read the first part in Sound & Communications online or pick up the magazine at InfoComm 2018. Part two will focus on the issues, considerations and challenges of system design, integration and user experience and will be published in the June issue of S&C. A PDF version of part 1 is available for immediate download here.


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