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New Firmware Released for All KLIK Models, With Several Key Feature Additions.

The KLIK Control Center is where you can download KLIK apps, get help, launch the Media Player and start a remote viewing session, with KLIKStream.
Welcome to the all-new KLIK Control Center

New Firmware Versions (PRO), (PLUS), (CLASSIC) & (Stik)

Last year we introduced the KLIK Control Center to all KLIK models. You can get to the control center by entering the IP address shown on the KLIK standby screen into a browser. Here, you can download KLIK apps, get Help, and initiate the KLIKStream feature. As a refresher, KLIKStream allows anyone to view the presentation on their own device, as it's happening.

With this firmware release, we're introducing a greatly improved user interface for the Control Center, and a number of new features. Let's start with the new UI, that has been simplified, and now offers a menu bar across the top of the page for desktop users, and a collapsible menu for mobile.

The Admin Login Password field has moved to the Navigation bar on desktop, and remains at the bottom of the page on mobile.

Now, the KLIK Control Center features a shortcut to the Media Player virtual remote.

When a user lands on the Control center page, they're now greeted with a new button that links to the Remote Control page. The Remote Control gives access to the Media Player, that was in past only accessible when an admin was logged into the KLIK.

Just plug in a USB flash drive that contains media files and use the remote to play back Video, Audio and Image files. This applies to all KLIK models running the latest firmware, and it's sure to be a well-used feature

To the right of the Remote Control button is the KLIKStream button, and this is another place we've made some big changes.

KLIKStream allows viewers to watch the presentation and take screens shots, right in their browser.

KLIKStream is the feature that allows meeting attendees to watch the presentation right on their own device screen, as it's happening on the big screen. Not only does this offer greater visibility (especially in larger rooms), it also allows the viewer to capture screen shots of the content for later review. No more furious note-taking, just press the capture button to save the screenshot.

As always, we try to pack bug fixes into new firmware builds, so there are a few of those tucked into this latest round. Probably nothing that you'll notice, but certainly items we can cross off our to-do list. We hope you enjoy the new features and as always, look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions for future releases.


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