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Screen Mirroring plus Screen Sharing, All in one Device - KLIK Does That!

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Watch the presentation right on your own screen, with KLIKStream.

If you're a Zoom user (or Slack, Skype, etc.), then you're likely already screen sharing. That's what happens when you make your PC screen available for viewing on another user's screen. Screen sharing is a great way to share detailed data, like spreadsheets and web pages, because it allows users to see the material close-up, right on their own screen. In the case of remote users, it's the essential solution to share content in real time.

On the other hand, Screen Mirroring is what you do when you project the content of your device onto an external display; you mirror that content. For obvious reasons, mirroring is a local event, where the screen you're mirroring to is generally in the same room as the person who is doing the mirroring. Mirroring is what we do when we use a large screen to make a presentation, and that mirroring can be wired, or for KLIK users, wireless.

But what about combining both Screen Mirroring and Screen Sharing into one system? What if you could mirror your content onto a large screen, and at the same time, allow team members to view that same presentation right on their own devices? Viewers would be able to see the content on the big screen, and could zoom in for a closer look on their own device. The fine print or detailed numbers would be clearly visible.

That's exactly what KLIK does; it not only supports mirroring of your screen to a large display, it also shares your screen with any user who wants to have a closer look. This latter feature is what we call KLIKStream (we were going to call it KLIKShare, but...) and it's part of every KLIK Model; KLIK Stik, PLUS and PRO. Here's how this ultra-cool feature works.

Wireless Screen Sharing is available to any user connected to the network. View and capture screen shots of the presentation as it happens.

Start a screen mirroring session from either a Windows or Mac PC, using the KLIK app. You can mirror your main screen, or an extended desktop screen, such as when running a slide show in presenter mode. Now, users can simply open a KLIKStream sharing session by entering the KLIK's IP address in their browser. (You might want to write the IP address on a whiteboard before you start, so everyone can have it.) Users click on the KLIKStream button and the sharing session begins.

In addition to merely watching the presentation, users can capture screen shots of the content, for later review. No more furious note-taking, simply click on the save button and the screen is captured, named and saved in the downloads folder. All engineered for speed and efficiency, to keep users focused on the content, not the technology. So, the combination of Screen Mirroring and Screen Sharing not only makes for more efficient meetings, it makes for better outcomes.


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