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Streaming to Two KLIKs at the Same Time? Yeah, KLIK Does That!

There are times you need to stream to two screens at the same time. With KLIK, you can stream to both.

Windows and Mac users can stream simultaneously to two KLIK devices, with the same content, or even different content. This is great for applications where you have overflow capacity in a second room, need full-screen views of lots of content, or need one screen facing the audience, and another for the presenter to use as a monitor.

Mac users start by deciding if they want to mirror their main screen to both displays, or if they want two different streams, one for each screen. To mirror the same screen to both KLIK screens, first start the KLIK app and got to User Settings>Display Mode>Mirror, then press the Play button to start the stream. Now, go to the AirPlay icon at the top of the screen, select the same KLIK, then ensure that Mirror Display is selected. The same shared screen will now be showing on both KLIK Screens.

If a Mac user wants to display content other than their main screen on either KLIK screen, then they can simply select another option, either for the AirPlay screen or the KLIK app screen. Note that when using the KLIK app, the user will need to stop streaming in order to change the mirroring setting, while the AirPlay setting may be changed during the streaming session. In some cases, one or both screens may go blank for a second, but will then return to streaming.

Windows users can follow the same procedure as those on Mac, but they'll use the Win+K keyboard shortcut to reveal all of the available streaming devices in range. It's important to use this command to connect to the KLIK that's physically closest to the presenter's computer, because they'll be making a direct, peer-to-peer connection. Once that streaming session is running, simply use the KLIK app to start a stream to the second KLIK device.

This dual-screen functionality applies to all KLIK models, from the Stik, to the PLUS and PRO. It even applies to a mix of models, so you could have a PRO in the Conference Room, and a Stik in an adjacent huddle space, both receiving the feed.

Remember also, that other rooms can receive the feed as well, even without a KLIK, by using the KLIKStream feature, on any PC, Tablet or Smartphone.


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